Now before you let time lapse too much while basking in the light of your new found post-launch relaxation, don’t forget these next important steps

Phew! You did it! You’ve finally closed your sales page and emotionally recovered from the ups and downs that come with a launch.  But the work isn’t over yet and you need not lose steam!

I’ve collected some key things you need to do post-launch to ensure a shimmering launch success!

  • Turn Objections & Questions into FAQ

Did you have a couple people email you to ask about payment plans, when the course is ready or anything else?

The question of one is often the question of many. Gather those up and add them to your FAQ!

Did you have anyone say they couldn’t buy it for one reason or another? Answer those objections in the FAQ.

You’ll be helping the next round of buyers make a decision faster and you’ll be saving yourself time in your inbox.

  • Express Your Gratitude

It takes a village to launch amiright?

After your launch it is important to thank anyone who helped make it happen aka your designer, your assistant, that friend you brought you dinner, your partner who picked you up in a flood of tears 3 days before the cart opened…

Acknowledging the role each person played in your launch not only shows your appreciation for what they’ve done but creates good working relationships moving forward AND it’s fun to do.

So girl, get that appreciation list going – assistants, affiliates, champions, friends, tech people etc. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s as simple as a text or email.

Gratitude is the swift remedy to a launch hangover – TWEET THIS

  • Gather Testimonials

Now before you let time lapse too much while basking in the light of your new found post-launch relaxation, don’t forget this next important step:

Create a form to gather testimonials that you will add to the sales page.

Keeping the testimonials on your sales page fresh enhances your clients trust in your product and makes them more likely to buy next time.

Questions like “How do you feel now that you’ve completed this program,” or “What hesitations did you have about signing up for the program” are great ways to spark some interesting feedback.

Send this form to this round of participants. Ask for their help to improve your program.

Once you’ve gathered their responses, ask permission to share what they’ve written and request a headshot  and their website address to add to your testimonial page. You can also share those testimonials on social media between launches to keep up interest for your next launch.  

Not only do those testimonials promote you, but it also promotes your participants.

  • Do a Post Launch Review

The last step in your launch process is to reflect and review! Kick up your feet, latte in hand, and think back on your launch process.

What worked? What didn’t work? What could make your launch even better for next time?

Don’t be too hard on yourself — everyone has ups and downs during their launch. Make sure you highlight the good things that happened while also jotting down what could be improved next time around.

Not sure what to look at in your post launch review? Get the complete launch package with the Launch Playbook, there’s a whole section dedicated to the post launch review.


Whether you pump some tunes in your living room or check out that restaurant that everyone tells you is super good but you never make room in your schedule to go — now is the time to slot in a celebration. Grab your friend, mom, cousin, or cat and make a day of it.

Launching is hard work and it is so important to give yourself a day or at least a few hours to recognize your accomplishment and celebrate in whatever way best fits for you!

If you want the FULL step-by-step magic for your next launch click here to download my Launch Playbook. I’ll take you through the worksheets, the budgets, and the pre and post-launch steps to make sure you singing those happy tunes during your next launch.

I’d love to hear what you do after you launch. Have any post-launch advice or tips that I didn’t have here? Feel free to leave em in the comments below. Happy launching!