This article was originally called “Why You Don’t Know What To Say On Social Media” (Tweet that!)… but, the above title is just too delicious.

Accordian Selfie

Accordian Selfie

Last night, I was working on some music marketing for my group Rosie & the Riveter. We’ve received funding from Creative Saskatchewan to assist us with some online marketing. I was busy trying to make a strategy and a plan for our social platforms.

We’re recording some high end videos which is a great start.


I realized we don’t have enough to talk about. And neither do you.

Not having enough to talk about is why you don’t know what to say on social media and why your Facebook goes weeks without an update.

To be fresh, original, fun and interesting, you need content – not just 4 videos – but, regular and consistent content that is meaningful and not just making noise.

Here are some social media content ideas I’ve come up for us that might be useful for you.

CTV Interview Selfie - Moments before air

CTV Interview Selfie – Moments before air

1) Behind the scenes photography & stories

Building a connection with your customers is about sharing your process and what happens before your work comes out looking perfect. Obviously musicians have it easy – they can post photos with famous people, super fans and green rooms. Here’s an example of backstage access on Leah Kalamkis’ blog “Behind the scenes on the making of an E-Course“. Her whole blog has a “behind the scenes” focus.

2) Bite sized chunks

Imagine you went on a trip. You could make one blog post that says something vague like: “We went surfing, had dinner at a few cool places and then I caught up with my in-laws who made me wanna punch myself in the face” or…

You could write 3 blog posts: “I faced a shark, and lived to tell the tale”, “A foodies delight in_____” and “Why my in-laws are insane but I still love them”.

You will have more to write about if you break your content into bite-sized chunks. Try it out.

3) Batch work

People who make consistent content batch it.

In one day, they make a compilation of videos, blog posts and photography. This way, they aren’t stuck sitting at their computer creating content day in and day out. It makes the whole processes much faster.

You can start by taking photos of your work process for Facebook, making a list of quotes that inspire you for Twitter and coming up with 12 blog titles that you can come back to when you need some inspiration.

Dinosaur Onezie Selfie

Dinosaur Onezie Selfie

4) When in doubt take a selfie

Duck face or not, your customers love your selfies. It’s not just that you are gorgeous, they also get to see you in the flesh interacting with your environment.

But aren’t selfies inherently evil? If you look at my instagram account you’ll notice it’s almost entirely selfies and cat photos. When I noticed this I felt selfconscious because people are always harping on how selfies are egotistical and cats photos are for stupid, lonely girls….not exactly good for business.

But now, I see these photos as an act of feminism largely due to this article.

Go on, empower yourself! Take a picture of yourself and the stuff that you love. Send it to me on Twitter, Instagram or in the comments below.