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Want to spark some interest *before* your website goes live?

I’ve been asked MANY times and I see it in FB groups everywhere: “How do I launch my website?”

While there is no ONE way to do it, I have a few ideas.

Letting your target market know what you’re up to now is a great way to build buzz for a more successful website launch. Plus, shouting your big boss moment from the rooftops is downright fun.

Whether you’re hitting publish on your first site or announcing a rebrand, here are some website launch ideas to help get you off the ground.


  1. Create a countdown (3…2…1…blast off!) and share it with your social media pals.
  2. Share a selfie and show off your personal excitement. (Have a local team? Do a group selfie as well!)
  3. Share a photo of you working on the final touches of your website (say, while at a coffee shop or in the office).
  4. Post an image of your logo to give a sneak peek at your new brand.
  5. Put up a Coming Soon or LeadPages landing page, feature a great opt-in gift, then drive traffic to your site to capture email addresses and get people excited about your launch.
  6. Start a Founder’s list for those early adopters who subscribe to your email newsletter and give them an insider view of your launch.
  7. Host a virtual launch party and send an invite to everyone on your growing email list. (A little bit of swag as prizes can go along way too)
  8. Hop on some virtual coffee chats with people in your target market to learn about where they hang out online, then go promote there!
  9. Guest post on blogs with audiences that are similar to yours, then leverage your bio to link back to your buzz-building Coming Soon or other landing page.
  10. Feature your web development team aka website developer, designer or even your cat who keeps you company in the long hours of figuring out wordpress.
  11. Run a countdown giveaway the week before your launch, or join a group giveaway or blog tour if you don’t want to go it alone.
  12. Fill up your Buffer or Hootsuite with loads of pre-written coming soon promos and drip them out at scheduled times. (Bonus: save yourself headache and hassle by adding in some launch week promos, too.)
  13. Announce your soon-to-be website by sharing customized click to tweets on promo days in Facebook groups.
  14. Shoot a personal welcome video with your smartphone and post it to your Coming Soon page so your audience can get to you know.
  15. Give fans a backstage pass to your launch by creating weekly videos from behind the scenes.
  16. Create your branded hashtag and start using it everywhere.
  17. Respond to everyone who promotes your launch – a simple “thanks for sharing!” will do the trick.
  18. Sprinkle pre-launch hints all over your social media channels: cover photos, bios, business pages, pinned posts/tweets, and so on.
  19. Join a Meetup group or your local Chamber of Commerce and attend some in-person networking events. (This would be a perfect time to give out all any shiny new business cards you had printed up with your new website address.)
  20. Host your own local launch bash and announce it on Eventbrite or Facebook Events.
  21. Create a “share the love” file in your Facebook group filled with pre-written tweets and posts, then encourage your budding community to spread the word.

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What brilliant website launch ideas would you add to this list? Let’s hear ‘em in the comments!