Being an entrepreneur, a creative and an artist is hard work. And sometimes, it’s plain ol’ ugly. – Tweet that!

I came home from Mexico with a tummy bug and then, I caught a cold.

There are snot rags everywhere and pity parties every hour.

And I didn’t want to blog. I didn’t want to podcast.

But I’m here.

I’m here because every week when I interview successful tribe leaders on the Tribe Finder Podcast, they say the same thing authenticity and consistency.

It’s easy to be authentic when everything is going well. It’s easy to be consistent when you feel proud of the work you’re doing.

But when do you do when you feel like it’s ugly, and hard and not worth it? You keep going – Tweet that!

On Friday, I will release my most favourite podcast episode ever. She totally lays the smack down on consistency. She inspired me to show up even when it looks terrible. Because the whole picture of owning a business isn’t all rainbows and unicorns and dollar bills just rolling in.

I worry how I can do this AND have a child.

I worry about my husband growing resentful one day because he gets up early to go to work and I get to sleep in.

The sales goals I hit, can I really reach them?

And of course, what the hell am I doing with my life?

It’s all there.

Here’s my brave face. Post a picture of your brave face! I want to see it. brave f