How Farideh runs 2 businesses on 20 hours a week


Hey there, I’m Farideh from I’m a musician, a launch strategist and I run an online business. Today I wanted to share with you how I run two businesses on 20 hours a week. Here is my secret…

I have 2 pairs of pants and 7 assistants.

That is my secret. That is the secret to how I get it all done.

What I do:

  1. I have an online business
    Here I teach online launching, Facebook ads, strategy, marketing — these types of things.
  1. I have a music business
    This is where I perform, I sing, I attend conferences, I sell from the stage.

I’m active in both of these businesses but they are both very different businesses with very little cross-over.

Now I’m not completely counting the amount of time I spend travelling to shows and performing but I’m going to break down the amount of time I spend in the office which is around 16 – 24 hours. I can say that on average, I run both businesses on 20 hours a week. 

My music business:

A misconception about running a music business is that you’re playing music a lot. Really about 10% is the actual music while 90% of it is the administration. I run this business with three other wonderful women and we have an agent and publicist. It’s a 6 figure business which is wonderful, but it does take a lot of time.

The breakdown:

  • I spend about 4 – 10 hours on this business
    I’m responsible for the marketing, the administration, the e-mails — this type of thing. There’s also interviews, loading up gear, counting inventory, deciding outfit choices, strategic direction, creative product creation — there’s a ton of work!
  • I have an assistant named Jen dedicated to helping me be a part of this business
    With this business, I felt like I couldn’t contribute as much as I wanted to, so I work with Jen to help me take care of my portion of the tasks. I pay for that help myself because that is part of my own investment in the business and one of the key ways I can run two businesses on 20 hours a week.
  • We have agents, publicists and three other owners
    I do have just one personal assistant for this business but it is also not a business that I run alone. Things are much easier when the work is divided between the group and we can rely on the team of people we have supporting us.

My online business:

I’m sure if you run an online business you know there is a ton of work to do. We’ve got blogging (just base level content development), product creation, social media, marketing, selling, a whole gamut of stuff. So I have a team of people in this business which allows me to run two businesses on 20 hours a week. 

The breakdown:

  1. I have a tech VA
    She helps me with leadpages, WebinarJam, website finicky stuff and other little things.
  • I’ve got a social media/customer service rep
    She handles my e-mails and my social media (I just recently outsourced my e-mail and let me tell ya, it’s fantastic).
  • I have a sales funnel expert
    My girl Lindsey Bast — I always recommend her. She handles my sales funnel so she deals with open rates, Facebook ads and helps out here and there with WebinarJam. A lot of my business with my online work relates to sales funnels, so she’s dedicated just to that.
  • I have Sarah who is my incredible graphic designer
    At the beginning of running my business, I only worked with a graphic designer now and then. But now I need images for ads, blog posts, upgrades, product development and new updates inside of a course that I’ve already sold. So there’s a lot of stuff I end up needing monthly or even bi-weekly.
  • I also have a developer
    My developer does the high-level online stuff. If something isn’t working, I need a URL to be changed, move hosting or figure out a plug-in — she’s the one I talk to! I have her on speed-dial. She’s fantastic ( if you’re wondering who it is).
  • The sixth assistant I would say is my nanny
    My nanny is the most important person in my business and an essential part of my team. I’ve realized that she helps me keep the pieces of my life together. From organizing my utensil drawer to folding like nobody’s business, she is able to help me be the mother I want to be.

So that is how I run two businesses on 20 hours a week — all with a baby! I have 2 pairs of pants and 7 assistants.

How do you make sure everything gets done for your business?

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