Last May, I took a course that I would NEVER usually enrol in.

I’d been in business 1 year. I had enough clients that I wouldn’t forget anything but I worried about the future. How would my business grow? I didn’t have the foundation or systems in place to make that happen. I had a contract and a welcome package but they were kind of lame.

I knew I needed to streamline my business but I didn’t even know where to start. My brain just doesn’t think like that. I like following systems (as long as its easy) but knowing which ones to set up for ME is so hard. When I looked for a solution it was hard to find since running an online business is SOOO different than most other businesses.

This is why I enrolled in Stress Less & Impress by Leah Kalamakis. The course is set up for freelancers but any 1 woman shop who wants sanity, happy customers and less work will feel like their heart exploded with happiness when they enrol.

Leah has a whole sales page that will walk you through exactly what you’ll learn but I wanted to take some time to tell you what this course and SYSTEMS in general did for me.

Here’s what it did for me:

Delighting clients is easy

When someone signs up to work with you or me, they’re a little scared. They aren’t sure if they made the right decision. I went through Stress Less & Impress and set up a process that created trust. Launching is scary enough. I want my clients feel taken care of and loved. From the Hire Me form to the GoodBye Package each step of the process is as effortless as humanly possible for my clients.

When clients are delighted, they talk about you. Which is an added bonus!

More clients

Before Stress Less & Impress I was worried that I couldn’t grow. As my client base grew my anxiety that I would forget something grew. Because of this fear I internally shut off all desire to have new clients and I plateaued in my business for 5 MONTHS! I didn’t want knew clients because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to deliver the standards of work I wanted to deliver.

After I set up the processes and systems in Stress Less & Impress gaining new clients was easy. I was ready for them. Also, my clients were happier and so they talked about the launching services I offered and BLAMO more referrals and more clients.

Greater confidence

The nagging fear that I would forget something or do something wrong kept me from feeling like a pro. I am not a details gal but in every business there are details that must be remembered. Now I have a system that ENSURES nothing falls through the cracks and I couldn’t have done so without this course.

Now when clients lay down their precious coin to work with me I KNOW they have a pro experience from beginning to end. Bonus points for the fact that I save sooo much time now and much of this process is handled by my VA’s.
Stress Less & Impress

I have a BONUS for you.

I’m such a believer in Stress Less & Impress that I’ve become an affiliate (aka I get a commission on sales) If you feel like you need systems and think Stress Less & Impress could be right for you, please use this link

From August 3 – 9th, 2015, Leah is running a special deal of $100 off. Use code SUMMERSPECIAL at checkout!

If you use my link, you’ll also receive “100 Social Media Post Ideas for Launching”. This is a swipe file you can take a tweak for your next launch so that the social media part is taken care of.

Of course you don’t need to use my link at all. If you already have systems do you have any tips for me? I’ve become addicted to how awesome they are.