It’s easy to wig out on the idea that you’ve “gotta launch”. You want to make a splash and you have so many ideas. When you go to implement, you get so overwhelmed you just end up taking a nap.

Let me break your next online launch down into 7 simple steps.

9 steps to launching online

1. Brain dump

Write it down. Get it out of your head. Divulge all of the ideas you have. Perhaps you’d like to do 3 webinars, or a live event with naked men that swing from chandeliers. No idea is too crazy in the brain dump phase. In fact, the crazier the better!  You can always say no later.

2. Launch goals

How does this launch fit into the bigger picture for your business? What does a successful launch look like to you? It’s always good to think about sales goals here (i.e. How much do you need to sell to break even? How much to make your dream profit?) Just remember that a sales goal is something you have very little control over. It’s best to define success in other ways as well.

3. Launch plan

Now that you have your goals and your brain dump, you need to map it all out into a plan. Choose a way for you to manage the project and everything you need to do to make it happen. Ideally, a calendar and a to-do list. Watch out for Overwhelming Otis here! This step will feel very overwhelming, but this plan will save you hours of time and confusion in the future.

4. Sales page

If you are launching online, you’re going to need a great sales page. You need to tell people why they need what you have, why they should buy now and not later, and how what your selling will change your life. Be prepared to put 8-12 hours into the writing of this bad boy. When you add in images and testimonials, it gets a little involved.

5. Seduction plan

I’ve written before about the importance of seducing your customers here and here. The first time your customers hear about your launch should NOT be the first day it is for sale. How can you start seducing them now and bringing them along in the story of how this product came into the world? Sneak peeks and behinds the scenes are your friend here.

6. Blogging, social media, emails and other communication

Leading up to your launch, think about what blogs you could write to educate your email list and clients about why they need your product. Before your big launch day, write and schedule all your social media. Write all your launch emails too. This will allow you to sit back and answer customer questions instead of rushing to figure out “what to say” during a very stressful launch week.

7. Follow up

What is your plan to delight your customers post purchase? When will you ask for testimonials? How will you communicate your gratitude and ensure that your product has really made the difference that you KNOW it can make? These things are usually done in the follow up sequence. Remember a launch doesn’t stop the minute the doors close.

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