In this week’s video, I’ll share the answer what a soft launch is and explain why I love them!  I also share how I have used soft launches as a musician.

Gordon Ramsay is the king of soft launches

Have you ever watched Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen? He’s the guy who screams at chefs and restaurant owners until they cry.

I used to hate that show. I’m a pretty gentle spirit. Any kind of yelling feels like violence to me.

I recently watched it and I actually realized that he’s pretty brilliant.

Beyond the yelling is Gordon’s desire to wake up entrepreneurs. Many of the people he serves are in great peril. They are in denial about the state of their businesses. They just don’t see where they need to improve.  Just like when parents get angry at kids for running out in the streets, Ramsay yells at these restaurant owners to prevent them from going bankrupt or burning their family ties.

After the restaurateurs finally break to Ramsay’s authority and start following his advice, their businesses start working a lot better.

When they’re ready for opening night, Ramsay doesn’t allow them to go balls to the wall and launch in a big way.

He gets them to do a “soft launch”.

What is a soft launch?

A soft launch allows the owners to test the skills of their team; make sure they have enough supplies; ensure that any hiccups are ironed out.

I recommend having your own soft launch for your online course or next product release.

Don’t have a launching nightmare! Soft launch instead. Here’s how.  – TWEET THIS! 

Have you ever done a soft launch? How did it go?