Admit it. Sometimes, we don’t want to work. We run our own business from home, and we’re tired. Maybe we want to nap? Maybe we’re just bored? Maybe we just wish that the sun was out and we could just hang out outside? Today I’m going to share with you the sneaky tricks I use to make sure I keep working, even when I don’t want to, and make it fun.

You know what? I don’t love to work all the time, and I love me some lattes, and time in the sun with my friends. So sometimes working is a little difficult. I know I have to work, but I don’t want to. So, I have sneaky tricks up my sleeve to make it possible.

My dad was an entrepreneur. He worked from home my whole life. I remember at the beginning of my business I asked my dad, “What do you do to keep working when you don’t want to?” And he was very kind, and he said, “Remember, I’ve been doing this for 30 years. And developed these techniques over time.”

That’s my first thing of business. Be kind to yourself. You will do better and better as you keep going. My dad said he likes to do some light cleaning, because sometimes that inertia will help him, but also sometimes if his space isn’t clean, he can’t concentrate and that’s what’s really going on. Sometimes I do that but I don’t really like cleaning either. So, I do a couple of other things.

Treat yourself

Firstly, I bribe myself with lattes. I will either tell myself if you work for two hours you can get a latte, or I take myself to a café and buy a latte, and then I tell myself you have to sit there for two hours. That’s one technique.

Set up working dates

Another technique I use is I have work dates with friends. I have a couple of friends who also run their own business, who work from home, or work from a co‐working office. And I set up dates with them. And I hang out with them for two hours, and we get as much done as we possibly can. What’s great about this is I will sometimes lose stamina, and I’m like oh, I can’t keep going. Then, I’ll look over at my friend and she’s still working. I’m like okay, well, I better keep working. That’s my second sneaky trick.

Challenge yourself

I also do a couple of things where I set up little games or myself. I have a white noise machine on my phone that is called Brainwave. You can select different brainwaves that will give you concentration, or confidence. And it just goes on… Somehow, there’s these theta and beta waves going through your head that will help. You can select a certain amount of time. I will put that on and put in my earplugs to help me be less distracted. I’ll set them for 20 minutes, 40 minutes, one hour, and I’ll say how much can you do in this much time. Because I have a little game, a little competition with myself, I get it all done, and then the white noise turns off. Then I can either keep working, or I can stop because I did what I said I would do.

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Those are the sneaky tricks I use to keep working, when I don’t want to. What are the tricks you use?

I’d love to hear how you keep yourself motivated when you’re not feeling it in the comments below.