Farideh describes the 5 signs to watch for that you need a launch strategist or launch coach for your next launch! From webinars, to social media and your sales page, she tells you what you need to make sure your launch is a success.

Hi! I’m Farideh from Farideh.com and today we’re talking about 5 signs you need a launch strategist or a launch coach for your next launch.

Alright so I’ve been working with launches for a number of years now and I’ve seen a couple of signs in particular that you need a launch strategist.

The first sign

You’re not hitting your sales goals

If you’ve launched a number of times and you haven’t actually been hitting the goals you would like to achieve, you need a launch strategist or a launch coach. The great thing about launch strategists and launch coaches is that they have an outside perspective.

Recently, I just worked with a client who came to me to have a 6 figure launch (we did it!). They had had many launches before that were in the $30,000 – $40,000 range but they could never move past that point.  I was able to go in and take a look at their launch e-mails, their webinars (I watched their webinar and I watched their competitor’s webinar), and all the other elements of their launch. I analyzed what I saw and was able to tell them what to do step-by-step to take their launch to the next level.

Now it was easy for us to take this client’s launch to the next level because they already had a tested product. I always suggest launching before you work with a launch strategist or coach because there are some things you can just do on your own without them. However, after awhile, you’re gonna need a strategist or coach just to go over your copy, your plan, strategies, webinars, challenges and more. But the great thing about launching is you can launch more than once! So once you’ve tried it out on your own the first time, you can create a stellar launch with your launch strategist or coach.

The second sign

You’re procrastinating

A launch coach or launch strategist can provide the accountability to make it happen! You don’t need to think about all the things you gotta do. They’re just going to tell you what needs to get done and help you do it. 

The third sign

You keep half-assing it

Every time you launch do you end up kind of throwing it together and then you hope for the best? You do pretty well but you know you could do it better? That’s what a launch strategist does for you. You hire someone to come and make sure that your launch is amazing.

The fourth sign

You don’t have a team member dedicated to just launching

When you’re launching, it takes a lot from both you and your team. When someone works with me they get my launch strategist, my account coordinator (making sure everything is in order and deadlines are set up), they get someone reviewing their webinars, someone reviewing their launch e-mails and sales page (sometimes writing them) and someone to create all the social media and plug it in (depending what their needs are). So these are all the types of services that can be available to you depending on what type of launch strategist or coach that you work with. Since so much is needed for a launch, if you don’t have a dedicated team member, it is great to just outsource a lot of this and work with someone on a one-off time to make sure your launch can be taken to the next level.

The fifth sign

You want to have fun and you don’t want to launch alone

I’ve actually had a client come to me and say that they don’t have a team, they’ve launched a million times and know it will be successful, but they just want it to be super easy. So we worked together and she had a really great launch. We hit exactly what she had set as her goal and it was just really easy for her. She said she didn’t really remember what she paid because she was just so happy that it was so easy.

So these are the 5 signs to watch for that you need a launch coach or strategist! Whether you’re missing some of your sale goals or you just want your launch to be easy and fun, I hope this got you thinking, “hmmm maybe I need a launch strategist for my next launch.”  

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