It costs $1,000,000 to launch a hit country song in the US.

Songwriters write hundreds upon hundreds of songs until they land upon a “hit”. A hit song is so catchy and good that it’s worth 1M. If its not a hit, they just don’t spend the money.

To be a hit, that song will usually go through many rewrites. The title will probably change 3 times. It will sit with many producers who will look for the perfect guitar tone and just the right blend of banjo to bass. It has to be both now, classic, and visionary at the same time. The singer will cut many takes… they’ll probably cry at least once in the bathroom.

In the end, they might change their mind and decide it’s not a hit song. Then, they won’t spend that money promoting it. There are thousands of fantastic songs and albums that haven’t been released because it didn’t quite make the cut in the final product.


What does this have to do with your launch and why you shouldn’t hire me?

A great product is an act of refinement, research and risk. Whether you’re selling a course, a service or a piece of art there is a process that you need to go to ensure that your product is a “hit”.

I see many entrepreneurs spending lots of money on a product they haven’t tested. They haven’t asked “Who wants this?” Then actually reached out to these people to ask “How do you want it?” and “What should I call it?”. I’ve absolutely done this myself.

Sadly, no matter how fantastic your launch plan is; how much money you spend on Facebook ads; how big your platform and how great your previous success is; if your product isn’t what people want. It won’t sell.

No matter how great your launch plan is, if no one wants it, it won’t sell. Go lean and test it! – Tweet this

Instead of hiring me. Go lean on your first launch. If you don’t know how to launch, enrol in Fun & Simple Launch which will give you everything you need to launch right the first time without the big price tag. Hold off on an expensive designer and a fantastic copywriter until you KNOW without a doubt that this product SELLS.

Then, when you know it will sell: invest and put some weight behind it. They invest $1M in a country song because that’s the investment it needs to make money. Once you’ve tested it, call me and we will promote the sh*t out of it, and get that fancy designer and copywriter. It will be 100% worth it then.

PS. Fun & Simple Launch will be open this weekend for a SALE. Because I love sales and so do you!