The biggest question I seem to get is should I sell my program or product before I’ve actually made it. And lots of people will tell you yes, you can totally do this. And you can, but know that is it a ton of work!

You probably are kind of pretty confident about how you’re going to create your program or product. And you know kind of all the steps involved in how you’re going to map it out, the goals, and all those kinds of things, and how it’s going to come together.

You might not be as confident about how you’re going to launch it. I want you to know that as much work as it takes to make a product; is how much work it’s going to take to launch the product. You can sell it before you’ve created it, but it’s a ton of work.

Two legitimate reasons to sell before you create are:

  1. You need to raise funds to justify the amount of time you are going to invest in your product and start seeing a return right away
  2. You want to test if people will even buy it before you create it

If you’re going to do that, I have one suggestion: Make your launch smaller.

Instead of selling before you create, consider the following:

  • Beta testing
  • Getting help to launch your product
  • Making a smaller product to test

Otherwise, it’s like climbing two giant Mount Everests, instead of just one.

So should you sell before you create? It’s up to you. But, I always suggest try and separate them. If you can’t do that, then make sure that your launch is manageable, that you have support, and it’s somehow smaller, so that you can launch again in the future with energy.

A smaller launch is a better approach than selling before you create. #launchtips #entrepreneur – TWEET THIS