Why You Need a VA Before You Can Afford It

should i hire a va -- why you ned a va BEFORE you can afford it

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Have you ever wondered, “Should I hire a VA?”

Hey there, I’m Farideh from Farideh.com! I’m a musician a launch strategist and I run an online business. Today I want to talk to you about why you need a VA now and not just when you can afford it. It’s a little bit unusual but here’s why.

Free yourself up from the menial tasks

I started experimenting with VAs many moons ago when I was just starting out in business. I wondered, should I hire a VA? After thinking it through, I decided to go ahead and hire one because I couldn’t keep up with all the menial tasks. What I did was I hired a VA from the Philippines for $5 an hour. At the time I was really excited because it was something I could afford. What occurred to me was that because I was freeing myself up from those tasks, I was actually able to make more money. Freeing yourself up from the menial tasks is one great reason why you need a VA now, not just for your sanity but also because it will allow you to bring in more money.

Make time and space for yourself to create more income

So previously I talked about how I have 7 assistants and what each of their tasks are (you can read about that here), but recently I doubled the hours of one of my VAs. It is a financial investment for me and I’m a little bit nervous. But here’s what I believe, in order to afford that VA  I need to hire her now. So in order for me to be able to afford her working those hours, I need a VA to take things off my plate so that I have the time to create that additional income.

Sometimes we hold off. We hum and haw over thoughts of should I hire a VA instead of seeing it as a road to growth. We think, “in order for me to afford that VA I have to make more money”. But, that is a little bit backwards. The way I look at it, in order for you to make more money, you need a VA now.

It takes time so you need to start preparing now

Another reason why I think people should hire a VA before they need it is because it takes time. Lots of people think, “oh I don’t have time to hire a VA…this task takes 5 minutes it would just be quicker if I did it myself”.  They have no time to train someone. However, learning how to delegate is a task and skill in and of itself. You have to give yourself time to train you VA. You also have to have the time to develop the skills and capacities in order to delegate.

So I’m Farideh from Farideh.com. Next time you catch yourself thinking, “Should I hire a VA?”  keep these tips in mind. 

I would love it if you have any questions about how to hire a VA or what you should be looking for. Feel free to drop those comments and questions below and TWEET THIS.

I’m not a VA specialist but I do know that all the VAs in my life have allowed me to have the kind of lifestyle I want. A lifestyle where I’m not working 12, 14 or even 8 hour days.

Working long days isn’t the lifestyle I want and if it isn’t what you want either then get yo self on the VA train!



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  • It was amazing how much time I saved when I got a VA and right now I only use her two days a week but will probably be upping it in January. It really does free you up to work on money making activities.

  • Sahar

    Hey farideh thanks for the post!

    I’m in the process of setting up my blog and had thoughts about hiring a BA at some point Coz I’m so busy (3 kids under 5) and a part time job.

    What sorts of things could you delegate to a VA? And how do u trust them not to run off with ur personal info sort of thing?? I would love some insight into that pls!


    • Sahar – check out lastpass.com – it saves your passwords for you so if you decide someone isn’t right for you you don’t have to worry about your personal stuff going missing. My VA does my email, sets up webinars, sets up blogs, newsletters, social media. Lots!

  • Oh I’m on the train and hot damn did it make a HUGE difference in the amount of paying work on could get done, not to mention it freed up a bunch of time to finally begin new revenue generating projects.

    I drank that kool-aid and damn was it good. SCARY…but good.

    Epic article as always, Faridah! Preach it, girl. 😉


  • I cannot wait to hire a VA, although the whole “before you can afford it” thing is a slippery slope. I’d love so much to hire someone now, but I couldn’t guarantee that I’d be able to pay her what she’s worth, so it seems irresponsible to do so. :/ Until I know I can hold up my end of the deal, I’m trying to keep outsourcing to small one-off projects like PDF design when I can afford it, which is still very helpful.

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