leahFarideh made the entire launching process smooth, clear and easy. She took away all the stress I felt of having too much to do and not knowing where to start. I’m pretty sure without her I would have put off the launch longer, missed out on sales and played a lot smaller thinking I could always go bigger “next time”. Solo-prenuer life can get hard doing everything on our own, but having her there to talk me through my fears, celebrate my wins, and help me play bigger made a world of difference (both for my sanity and my bank account!)

– Leah Kalamakis, www.freelancetofreedom.com



“I not only have the confidence to launch my course, but I also know the steps to take to make my launch great!” 

– Heather Crabtree, www.heathercrabtree.com








Launching is stressful & emotional. I’m so glad I had Farideh to help me with the step-by-step system to get my work out there. I felt like she truly had my back and I didn’t have to question or second guess myself.I highly recommend Farideh to anyone who wants to launch. There is a science to launching and Farideh can teach it to you.

– Dayna House, www.teachcoachcreate.com



EllenFarideh is a genius.  She’s got an amazingly strategic mind, but with a heart that makes it easy to connect with her and understand her suggestions.  What I’m saying is, she’s not boring, and she doesn’t overcomplicate things.  Her ideas leap into your lap, and you can’t help but connect with them and get excited for their potential.   My biggest complaint is that she’s given me TOO much to work with and it’s taken me longer than I’d hoped to integrate all of her amazing strategies.

– Ellen Ercolini, www.ellenercolini.com




I know more options that suit ME and my business, rather than doing what others do because I feel I have too. I have more clarity about my launch and prelaunch tactics because of working with Farideh. I love her ideas, humour and her ideas (did I mention I really love her ideas?).

– Ellissa Jayne, www.ellissajayne.com



I doubled my sales in 2 months!
I knew my business was growing at a rate that was exciting but also overwhelming. I needed someone to help me develop a strategy to help me with the practical day to day tasks that I could not keep up with. Farideh helped me take on that never ending ‘To do’ list like it was nobody’s business. Two days of work with her made a world of a difference to my sanity and my business!!

– Sara Lua, www.saralua.com


Nikki-Elledge-Brown-300x300I love how Farideh takes the overwhelm out of something we all tend to resist like crazy (even though we *know* it can lead to direct ROI!). The way she breaks each step into simple (often melodic) chunks is as delightfully refreshing as she is.
Nikki Elledge Brown, nikkielledgebrown.com