tribefinderpodcastLast February, I launched “The Tribe Finder Podcast”. With all my passion and excitement, I was able to get the show into iTunes New & Noteworthy in a matter of days. I called in a few favours and got some fantastic well known guests. It was so much fun!

As the weeks went by, I got bored.

At first, I thought it was a phase, so I kept on keeping on.

When I talked to other podcasters, I’d hear phrases like “I LOVE it” and “This is totally me”. However, I didn’t feel like that at all. I felt like it was tedious and no longer me. I’d found a new message about launching and now “Tribe Finding” seemed LAME to me.

I got to meet really cool people and I LOVED our conversations. But, I knew that the podcast was taking away from doing other things that excited me more like video blogs, creating new products, or writing new business songs.

So, I decided to quit.

Yes, I did think “what will people think of me?”, and then that thought was swiftly followed by “No one is thinking about you. Do what you like”. I worried this would somehow reflect on my business and I would be seen as someone who doesn’t follow through. I worried that I would somehow miss the show later on, after I had quit.

None of this was true. Not once since quitting my podcast have I missed it.

Going back to blogging, video blogging and following my creative muse has opened so many doors for me. I’m happy and not bored. I got a few emails from people saying they missed the show, but there was no grand catastrophe like I had worried about.

The art of quitting is one of the most important skills as an entrepreneur. – Tweet this!

Is there something you need to decide to quit? Perhaps you’re just not feeling that new product you worked on or the collaboration you committed to?

As entrepreneurs, we are IDEA people and action people. We start something and then very quickly, we outgrow it. That’s okay. In fact, that’s fantastic. We are nimble, flexible and creative souls. If something isn’t working we MUST quit it as soon as we realize we aren’t into it. That way we can continue our journey to finding our next big idea.

If you’re not sure if you need to quit, here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

1. Does this bore more?
2. By saying yes to this am I saying no to something else I’d like to do?
3. Does this activity take up a lot of time?
4. Is this moving me towards the bigger vision that I have for myself?
5. Do hours pass by without me noticing because I am enjoying this so much?

If you answer YES to questions 1, 2 or 3. Quit it.
If you answered NO to questions 4 or 5. Quit it.

It’s easy to forget that we own our business. We are the boss. We get to protect our passion and stoke that fire in whatever way we choose. What can you quit today?