Feeling overwhelmed? Check out these productivity hacks to run your online business

Hey there I’m Farideh from Farideh.com! I’m a musician, I run an online business and I’m also a mother to a 15 month old.

So I wanted to share with you some productivity hacks that you can use to run your business.

1) Reduce Decision Making

One of the reasons why I always wear this black shirt for my videos is because I didn’t want to think about what outfit I need to wear to every single video. It became one of the reasons why I wasn’t doing it. So I decided to reduce my decision making by being like Obama and wearing the same outfit every single time (I’m hoping to also get some bow-ties in the mix).

One of the ways you can do this is to look at where you can streamline. Does it really matter that every week you put out three different Facebook Lives? Maybe you could just do one. Maybe you could just outsource it to your assistant to make those decisions for you. When I can’t figure out what keyword to use in a blog post my VA does it, I don’t need to do it.

2) Work with others

Even if it’s just someone you barter with or trade with. One thing I love doing is work dates. Because I work from home I can work stamina and endurance from showing up every single day and working for those four hours straight. So I’ll meet up with a friend who also runs an online business and we just work near each other. Sometimes we ask each other questions. This has been really helpful for skyrocketing my productivity because I can lose attention sometimes or just feel alone. So I get together with my other Riveters or some other online women that live in my community. We just work near each other — we call it a work date and I highly recommend it.

3) Breakdown Your To-Do List into Bite Sized Pieces

When I say bite sized pieces I mean 10 minute increments. I’ve found that since I became a mom sometimes I have to think in 10 and 15 minute increments because I know my baby is ok now but I don’t know what will happen in 10 minutes. Also sometimes 10-15 minutes is all I have. So what was happening before was that I felt like I was never gaining traction. That’s because I would look at a big task and think, “where do I start?” So sometimes I take the time to just break it down really small so I can hack at these small little pieces really quickly.

4) Ride Your Enthusiasm

So I have two businesses (my music business and my online business) and I can be really obsessed with one over the other sometimes. Sometimes I’m really into Riveter stuff and that’s all I want to do all day. Then I come back to my other business and get really into writing content. So I come back and forth between things and learn to ride that wave of enthusiasm. This has also been helpful in my online business when I’ve had to deal with times when I really need to work on my content but I’m way more interested in making my product. By riding that wave of enthusiasm or obsession, I get way more done. I used to have these feelings of enthusiasm and think, “Yes but that’s not the most strategic thing right now”. Now for some people being super strategic it what works for them but I’m a very creative person. So I’ve found that the way to unlock my potential and creativity is to go with my own creative flow.

So I’m Farideh from Farideh.com. I’d love to hear what your productivity hacks are.

Feel free to leave em’ in the comments below and TWEET this because I need them!

I only work 20 hours a week and I need as many productivity hacks as I can have. So I’d love to hear your comments or questions below.