When struck with a big idea the first thing I do is research.

I read all the articles I can to prepare myself for all the possible outcomes.

When preparing for a launch,  the more you research you do, the more insane you feel.

You go down the rabbit hole of split testing, sideways sales letters, conversion rates, and delivery options. You come out of that hole days later  dizzy, defeated and knowing less of where to start than when you originally started.

The simpler you can keep you launch the better.  But, even simple can bring some surprises – delightful and otherwise.

Here are a few of the surprises I encountered on my first e-course launch:

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Lots of Writing

Be prepared for a TONNE of writing. To prepare for your launch, you will craft:

  • Launch emails
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Sales pages
  • Emails to champions
  • Reminders to affiliates
  • Thank you pages
  • Welcome pages
  • Reminder emails

Writing can take time. Make sure you leave enough space in your schedule to prepare all of the necessary materials to support your launch.

Customer questions galore!

During the launch week, you may receive way more emails than you anticipate. This is one of the reasons why you SHOULD NOT launch on you birthday. You don’t want to spend your whole day answering emails.

I made a list of the questions I kept receiving and updated my FAQ each time I received a new one. Keep this FAQ doc handy to save yourself time and effort.

PayPal may shut you down

PayPal may get a bit suspicious of all the money you’re suddenly raking in (fingers crossed!). Protect yourself with doing these two things:

1) Inside PayPal change your account to be prepared for more income. Jenny Shih has the details here.

2) Set up a secondary payment processor to be waiting in the wings. One option would be stripe.com

What are some of the surprises you learned on your last launch or the launch you are currently working on?