How to Generate Passive Income (while freelancing)You’re busy. You’ve got clients work up to the ying-yang, blog posts to write, contracts to send and bills to pay. Stuck in the time-for-pay cycle and you want to generate some passive income as a freelancer but have no clue where to start?

Ask your email subscribers what they want.

Generating passive income as a freelancer isn’t as complex as people make it seem. The passive income ideas that sell the best are based on what clients and audiences ask for. You might want to make a recipe book on how to make the best chicken stock but if your audience isn’t asking for it – it’s not likely it will sell. – TWEET THIS

You don’t need to have the best ideas, you just need to ask what they are struggling with and what they need help with. Create a list of what they’re asking for and when you start seeing a pattern, you know you have a good idea on your hands.

Review client inquiries that went nowhere and ask what passive product could meet their needs.

Have you had clients who want to work with you but can’t afford to?

What could you offer them as a passive product instead of turning them down?

Could you teach that client to do it for themselves? Aka. My course on how to do your FB ads walks you through how to do it for yourself instead of paying my team thousands of dollars a month to do it for you.

Could you create a mini-offering that you sub-contract to an employee? Most people don’t think of services as passive, however if its profitable and someone else does it – isn’t that passive?

Could you create an ebook or workbook that helps the clients work through their problem on their own?

Ask your clients what they want next from you.

Also known as the upsell, this is where you think into the future and consider what you could give your client.

The secret to generating passive income while freelancing is all in the sales funnel. Ask yourself “what will my client need before, during and after working with me?”. Then generate some solutions from there.

Perhaps in addition to a brand new website you’ve designed for them, you could offer a course on how to SEO their site for themselves or a checklist for their assistants on how to post a blog.

Generating passive income as a freelancer is simpler than you think.

Are you a freelancer who has a passive income product? What are the products you sell and what lessons have you learned along the way?

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