its not meIs it time to say “It’s not me, it’s you” to your target market?

You used to hang on their every word.  Now, you’re annoyed by their  emails. They used to treat you so good. Now, they just read your blogs but don’t buy anything.

How do you know if your target market is “Mr. Right” or “Mr. Right Now”? 

Here are six tell tale signs that it’s time to kick your target market to the curb.

1) They want the milk but won’t pay for the cow

They use you, abuse you and want it for free. You cannot build a healthy business with customers who cannot or will not pay you.

Warning signs: “I can’t afford you.” “I love all that you do, but I just can’t make the investment right now.” “Can we work something out?”

What should you do? Dump them. Find a market that knows your worth.

2) You want an open relationship

You’re being a floozy and taking any customer that will pay you.

You don’t want to commit to a target market because you’re afraid of being “exclusive”.

Warning signs: You take any sale you can. You lower your prices. You are careful of what you say, so that you don’t scare anyone off.

What should you do? Dump everyone. Find a market you can commit to.

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3) There isn’t enough of them to go around

You’ve niched yourself so well that you can’t pay the rent. The numbers don’t add up. The target market is too small. You need more.

Warning signs: It costs a lot of money to reach your market. You need more customers than there are available.

What should you do? Dump them. Start seeking a new target market that can take good care of you.

4) They are a jerk/diva

Your target market is terribly dysfunctional.

Warning sings: They wine, nitpick, ask for too much, and complain about the price point.

What should you do? Dump them. Swiftly and brutally.

5) You’re just not that into them

You couldn’t care less about their problems. You’re annoyed with every single email and phone call from a customer.

Warning Signs: You avoid their calls and emails. You don’t respect them. You feel like you have to lower your standards to work with them.

What should you do? Dump them. Find a customer who truly excites you.

6) You’ve moved on

You’re just not juiced up any more.

The sale used to make your heart flutter and now, you’re lucky if you crack a smile. You find yourself attracted to new adventures, but you keep trying to convince yourself to stay put.

Warning signs: You feel guilty that “this” isn’t enough. You worry what your customers will do without you.

What should you do? Dump them and go for it.  Don’t worry, you can still be friends.

Are you currently suffering from one of the signs that you aren’t into your clients anymore?