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I am usually behind the scenes of another expert’s fantastic launch (or backstage at my own show). Currently though, I’m  working on my own launch and I wanted to give you a “behind the curtain” glimpse into my process.

In less than a few weeks, I will be launching “The Fun & Simple Launch” – a program to help you launch this Fall. Leading up to my program launch, I’ll be posting a series of articles on how I handle launching. Here’s how it all started:

The idea

For months, I’ve wanted to put together some kind of Launch Walkthrough. Much of what I do for my clients can be taught and executed. There just isn’t much info out there on HOW.

In May, I started preparing for the program that was yet-to-be-named with a survey and 1-on-1 market research interviews. Why? Because:

What sells is what serves.- Tweet this

I know that research is the key to ensure my offering will sell as well as humanly possible. I had ideas about what my clients would need, but I needed to test those assumptions by asking my clients directly.  To me, research is the #1 distinction between courses that sell well and those that flop.

The research

I set up a survey for everyone who hops onto my special launching mailing list. You can read and fill it out here if you like.  🙂

I also conducted 30 interviews and 1-1 calls with individuals who wanted to launch. My goal was to hear their biggest struggles, dreams and questions.

Review the research

After I collected all the data, I compiled the research and looked for commonalities and patterns in how people talked about their problems. Then, I pulled out what people asked for help with most.

Let the research shape the course

When I looked at the answers, I learned some KEY information that I did not expect. Here is how I let my interviews and survey respondents shape what I put together:

1) My customers don’t want a course “on launching”. They want a course that “does launching”. Every person I talked to struggled with the action steps for getting ‘er done.

To please my survey participants, the course I created is a step-by-step – nuts and bolts – here is how to do it kind of course. I walk them through the EXACT steps I use to launch. There is no fluff. It’s just one action after another that they can actually use to launch with.

2) I noticed that most of my clients are first time launchers. This meant I could really tailor it for them and cut out anything that they didn’t need.  I removed any tech elements or information about affiliates because 1) There are too many tech variables and 2) I don’t think first time launchers should have affiliates.  Instead, I made separate bonuses to cover those items. The information is available if they want it, but they aren’t overwhelmed by it in the course material.

3) The emotional side of launching is holding everyone back.  Procrastination, overwhelm, perfectionism.  All these emotions can stop a launch in it’s tracks. As I looked over the survey and interview data, I realized that I MUST address these emotions or only a few would actually launch.

So, thats when I created “Launch Monsters”.Launch Monster

In each lesson, I give the students a heads up about which launch monster is out to get them.  The emotions of over overwhelm and fear are really normal in a launch, but I didn’t want my students to be overcome by them.

This is also why I named the course “The Fun & Simple Launch”. Anyone who has every launched or tried to launch will know that it does not feel simple or FUN at all. With the addition of the launch monsters,  it’s easy to see that this will be a fun & simple program.

4) Testing, Testing…1,2,3
During the research phase,  I was testing out my process 1-on-1 with clients. This is where I ironed out the step-by-step solutions and discovered where clients need the most support.

The next level of my test is to conduct a soft launch, which is what I will be doing in a few weeks. (If you are on my mailing list, stay tuned to your inbox for details).

The first release of the “Fun & Simple Launch” will be small. This way I can give students assistance and guidance. I will be learning from my students and making changes to the program for the 2nd and 3rd iteration.

5) Create the course with an expert
Lots of online entrepreneurs are creating courses that 1) have wayyyy too much information packed into it or 2) have information, but not action, built in. While I don’t have any expectations that my program should be the best in the world, I do want it to be world class.

I took part in Dayna Houses “Course Design 101” program. Dayna has a Masters in Instructional Design and Online Learning. I knew that her course and hand holding would help me create a course to meet my expectations and those of my clients.

What are you working on launching this fall?  Have you tried any of the following? What are your tips for creating a great product to launch?

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