what do you do when someone posts a mean comment on your social media post? should you delete it?

I’m Farideh from Farideh.com and you know what? People ask me should I delete mean comments on my social media post?

Well this has inspired so many feelings in me that I just need to share them. Here is my note to the strangers:

Dear Mean Strangers on the Internet,

I have a very important announcement.

Firstly, I know you’re not going to stop being mean so here are some ground rules:

If you write mean comments on my social media post or in my blog — I’m gonna delete you. Yup that’s right. I am that hardcore.

Also, please stop writing to me and telling me to unsubscribe you from my newsletter.

You can unsubscribe. I love everybody who doesn’t unsubscribe but also if I’m not for you then that’s totally cool. You don’t need to write me a long e-mail about all the things I’m doing wrong or write mean comments on my social media post and say that you’d like me to unsubscribe you. Because you can just unsubscribe and keep yo opinions to yo self.

If you come to a webinar of mine, I will try to sell you something.

That’s just the name of the game. Really, if you’re going to any webinar, someone is going to try to sell you something. So if you don’t want me to sell you, leave the webinar. You do not have to comment saying “please stop selling,” because that’s the point of a webinar girl. That is the point of a webinar. You can just close the browser. I’m okay with that. It’s not for everybody. I totally understand.

So mean people on the internet. That’s all I have to say.

If you’re mean or write mean comments on my social media post, I’ll delete you. I will unsubscribe you. I will refund you. We don’t have to be friends.

I’m not for everybody and that’s okay.

So if somebody has been mean to you on the internet you can delete them, block them, unsubscribe them, anything. Because you don’t need that and it’s okay. Also, it’s okay to protect your haven on the internet and in your life from drama and mean people. They don’t have permission to walk all over you. Whether it’s cyber walking or real walking.

So I’m Farideh from Farideh.com and I’m saying:

Strangers of the Internet Beware. This girl’s got boundaries.

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