This blog may be a call to arms or a manifesto.

It may also be a recitation of the words I say to myself whenever money guilt creeps in and I start feeling bad about profiting in my business.

As a musician and growing up just above the poverty line, I used to think making the world a better place and making money were opposites.

As I grew as an entrepreneur, I realized that my debt and modest income made me reliant on the generosity of others. I couldn’t really help anyone else in the way that I wanted to.

This realization was the beginning of a journey.


Here’s what I believe:

The world doesn’t need another poor woman or middle class woman who barely gets by.

The world needs wealthy women who will raise up others.  You are one of those women.

You need to make passive income to be this woman.

How can you give working 12 hours a day and feeling stressed and torn between family, business and your own needs?

You can’t.

Your business needs to be leveraged.

If you’re here on my blog, it means you have a desire to launch.

Except, you haven’t pulled the trigger.

There are soooo many details. When you think of all of them, you wig out a bit.

Then, there is that whole “being seen” thing.

What if you annoy your friends, followers and clients with all that icky selling and promotion?

Perhaps, you’ve already pushed back your launch date a few times?

Maybe your last launch was a big bomb and now you’re a little gun shy?

In the meantime, you’re playing small.

Not launching, not selling, not promoting, not moving forward.

You’re waiting for the perfect checklist or list size or moment when suddenly you’ll have the time to launch this sucker.

Except that time doesn’t come.

Want to make the world a better place? Launch your big idea now. Not later. Here’s how. – Tweet this.

I want you to be a VERY VERY wealthy woman. A wealthy woman who has time for her health and her family and her business. A woman who sleeps at least 8 hours a night and can afford the help that she needs to serve humanity in the way that makes sense to her.

I want you to launch. Now, not later.