All of my clients are surprised by how emotional launching can be. 
We forget that launching is a form of “uplevelling”. This term is taken out of one of my favourite books called “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. “Uplevelling” is when we move to a new level of success that challenges our beliefs of what we deserve.
I’m sure you’ve seen this in a friend. They are doing really well in business. They have a boyfriend and are even involved in a new health program. Then, BLAMO they start doing some strange things! Suddenly, they plateau or hit a crisis point. They sabotage their success.
A launch means being seen in a bigger way, positioning yourself as an expert, and meeting income goals. A launch is a commitment to the vision you’ve been working so hard for.
When you’re launching, keep an eye out for these signs that you are sabotaging your success.
7 signs you are sabotaging your launch

1. You’re trying to do it all alone.
Far before you get to the launch date, you can sabotage yourself by trying to do it alone. There are so many elements to a launch from design, copywriting, strategy to other scarier things like tech, Facebook ads and webinars.  This is not the time to do it alone. You need help. You need friends, family and hired hands on board to make this happen.
2. You’re trying to do it for free.
In the making of a new product it makes sense that you will need to invest dollars. While we all need to decide for ourselves what level of risk we are willing to take on, you cannot launch for free. You will need to invest in new software, advertising dollars and people to help make it happen.
3. You haven’t tested your product BEFORE launching.
Have you ensured that 1) Your product does what it says it can and b) Someone wants to buy it? This may seem obvious, but its simply not done by everyone. Many times, we create a product out of our own creative impetus without ensuring that there is a market. No matter how much money you spend or people you invest, you cannot sell a product no one wants to buy.
4. You’re doing it someone else’s way.
Perhaps you’ve heard that you MUST sell your product for X amount. Or that you NEED to do a 3 part video series. Or, maybe you feel like you HAVE to do a webinar. None of these are true. When we listen to our own gut and the needs of our clients —-> This is where innovation occurs. When we do what business and launching guru’s tell us is the “best way”, we either attract clients we don’t like or we attract no clients at all.
5. Your standards for success are so high that you will never feel good about your launch.
Launching is a journey. You develop your skills as you go. Each time you do a launch, your skills grow and so does your client base. This allows your next launch to be even more successful. Many people compare themselves to their competition and feel they have to get X amount of sales to be successful. Sales goals are actually not within your control.  Set a goal you can control (ie. launching without losing your mind).
6. You tell no one your product is for sale.
Okay, this seems obvious but I’m sure some of you are with me on this. You put up the sales page, open the cart, send one email and a Facebook post. Then, swiftly you give up. Perhaps you’re like me and have a fear of “bothering” people. Or maybe part of you is pulling back because you don’t want your friends to know that you’re doing this weird new business thing? Either way – you gotta take action because if no one knows its for sale, then no one will buy it. Promote your launch multiple times a day.
7. You go half way.
Somewhere in your launch you decide to cut corners. You don’t schedule your social media posts, or you don’t invite people to one-on-one calls. Part of you wants this to be easy and truly passive. Sadly, a launch doesn’t work like that. It’s 100% hustle. When you get to your launch date, I want you to be so prepared that you have energy to take it up a notch instead of down a note.

Have you sabotaged a launch in a different way than I mentioned? I wanna hear it.

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