Should you launch or evergreen your online course? 5 questions to ask yourself to help you decide.

When you’re creating an online product sometimes its hard to decide between whether you should open the doors and then close the doors (aka launch) or always keep it for sale (evergreen), here are 5 questions to help you decide whether launching or evergreen is for you.When you’re creating an online product sometimes its hard to decide between whether you should open the doors and then close the doors (aka launch) or always keep it for sale (evergreen), here are 5 questions to help you decide whether launching or evergreen is for you.

Typically when you launch your online course customers are able to purchase and enroll in a 7-14 day period. After which, the doors close and they have to get on a waitlist for the next round.

When you choose an evergreen launch for your course enrolment is always available.

  1. Do you teach something people want to avoid?

Lets imagine you help people deal with trauma with your online course. If this is the case, it’s safe to assume that your customers might know this is an issue for them but they are hesitant to face the painful memories. In this case you might want to consider the launch appropriate.

I had one launch client who wanted her course to be available evergreen, however she wasn’t seeing sales. It was clear that her clients needed her course but it dealt with some serious painful stuff and so no one enrolled because they needed lots of kick in the butt.

While people want to avoid Facebook advertising, at some point they decide it’s time they want to deal with it and so it works to keep it open for that kind of purchaser.

  1. How much quality time do you want them to have with your students?

With online courses for adult learners, you’ll usually be adding some kind of support whether it’s through group coaching calls, a Facebook group, email or one-on-one consult calls.  How long do you want to be available for that support?

I like having my Facebook group open all the time, but I know some other online entrepreneurs who wig out when they think of having to provide on going support all the time.

With a launch you can know “Okay, for these 12 weeks I will be available to my students. After that I can be available but I don’t have to be”.  With an evergreen, you and your team are there.

  1. How will you give your customers a reason to buy now?

When it comes to selling anything, you need to give people a reason to not just buy but a reason to BUY NOW.

Launching has an automatic upper hand when it automatically opens and closes. It’s normal to see when you launch your online course that over 30% of the sales come in on the day the cart closes.

You’ll need to get creative with your evergreen launch. Consider promotions, special limited-time bonuses, flash sales and that kind of thing to give your customers a reason to buy now and not keep putting it off.

  1. How do you like to sell?

With a launch you can promote like hell and then go into hibernation. It’s all hands on deck – newsletters, blogs, webinars, social media and the like. Then you get to stop, regroup and nurture your audience. You can launch every year or multiple times a year, whatever you think.

When you are going with an evergreen style launch for your online course you need to be feeding sales into that course all the time. You’ll be developing sales funnels, webinars, setting up JV partnerships and running ads all the time. It’s a slow and steady approach that some people prefer to the feast and famine of launching.

  1. How will you create buzz?

Launching can have an automatic buzz and enthusiasm to it. Not just on your side because its all hands on deck but also for your customers.

After enrolment your customers talk to their friends and say “oh did you hear? I just enrolled, You should too! Let’s take it together!”.

Then once inside your course, the students share their excitement of the big step they just took. Your Facebook group and group coaching calls with be hopping. The buzz abounds.

This is not the case with evergreen launches. It’s slow and steady. One person enrolls, ask a question in the group and it is answered. When they share with their friends the course the just purchased they say “I just bought this course, I’ll let you know how it goes”. Thats a very different conversation.

If your course is great, those students will recommend it – however, if its not, you won’t see the recommendations you were hoping for.

You’ll also see your student support groups or calls aren’t quite as happening because all the students will be at different places in the course and your sales are stretched out over a longer period of time. Personally, I like this, however – it’s not for everyone.

Feeling a bit lost planning the launch or evergreen launch of your course?

Check out the Launch Playbook!


Will you launch or evergreen? Still having trouble deciding? Let me know in the comments your questions and concerns.


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  • Debora

    Now, you got me, I’m not sure what to do. I’m creating online English classes for Brazilians (I live in Brazil). There’s a huge need for that since most of the population can’t speak the language. But am I supposed to leave it evergreen or launch? I have no idea and can’t decide. Is there anything else to help me decide about it?

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