launch emailsNot sure what to say in your launch emails?  Not really clear on when to send them out or how many? Worried that you might annoy people with so many launch emails?  Read on.  I’ve got you.

Okay, I’m going to break this down.  I’m going to make this as simple as humanly possible.  Launch emails: You need to send quite a few because people need to hear something a couple times in order to make a purchase. This where the email magic comes in and you can use something I call my rule of 7.

My rule of 7

  1. The first email should start with something like, “Hey, guys.  Here it is.”  You should be teasing them, telling them something is coming a little while beforehand.  This step is key. Tease them with social media, emails, blogs, all those kinds of things so that they know something great is on its way. 
  1. The second email — talk about how your clients will be transformed by your course. You could talk about this, for example, in a blog post and direct your clients there by saying, “Today I’m talking about (insert your topic) in my blog.” 
  1. The third email — testimonials.  Really feature the story of somebody who went through your course and the kind of results they got.  
  1. The fourth email addresses an objection. Let’s move beyond, “Because it costs too much,” because that’s never the real reason.  That’s the first excuse. Reasons to address could be: They don’t trust you. They don’t think you could get them the results. This is not quite the right time.  The idea that this isn’t for them.  Handle some objection in the email like why now is the right time and why this is the right product.
  1. The fifth email: key benefit.  This will be the number one thing that they’re going to walk away with.  This is the thing that they’ve really wanted to do or the feeling that you’re really selling.  Not the features – the benefits.
    For example, you can take my course “Facebook Ads for Launching.” Not everything is covered in Facebook Ads for Launching, so I won’t be like, “You’ll know how to do the power editor.  You’ll know how to make your images.  You’ll know how to target people.”  Nobody really wants that.  It’s kind of like sell the cupcake, not the baking mix kind of concept.At the end, they’re going to see more list growth.  They’re going to see more people buying their products if they buy Facebook Ads for Launching.  That’s my key benefit in number five.
  1. The sixth email — you’ve got your “Last Chance to Buy!”  
  1. Number seven, “Door is closing in a couple hours!”  

You’d be amazed.  I know, okay, seven emails spanned over ten days: the first one on the first day, the last two on the last day.  The ones in between, I want you to think about whether or not your people are working on the weekends.  Are they working on a Friday?  Just experiment.  There’s no perfect day, perfect time to send these emails.  It’s really about kind of an educated guess, so don’t feel too bad about that.

Now I have a wonderful freebie for you.  It’s the Launch Mini Playbook.  There are lots of worksheets on what you could be writing about in your launch emails and some other things like pricing.  There’s a 30-day checklist, an example calendar and more.  There’s lots in there.

So grab your Launch Mini Playbook here!