Thinking about launching a new or existing product or service? This series is just for you.

We all launch differently.

Some launches are a success and others a flop. My intention in sharing these stories is to highlight the differences so you can get creative about your own launch.

This is Kelsey Baldwin’s Behind the Launch Story.

Tell us about your launch.

kelseybaldwinI launched my blog, The Oat Bar, on May 12. I announced it a month before (a bit on a whim) and built up some buzz until the launch. I shared sneak peeks of my blog post graphics, with portions of post titles showing. I posted about the launch mostly on Instagram and gave updates about what topics I would be writing about. The week of the launch, I sent out launch gift packets to a handful of industry friends for them to snap a pic and share on the day of the launch (I emailed them beforehand to be sure they were up for it!). The packets included a postcard with an excerpt from the first post (which was a bit of my personal story and why I wanted to start the blog), a notepad, some chocolate, and a handwritten note.

What were your goals for your launch (sales, list growth, exposure)?

I didn’t have specific number goals, and really had no idea how it would be received. I shared a lot of personal thoughts and stories, so I was nervous to share it! But, I was blown away by the response.

How much did you invest in the promoting and creating of your launch?

I’m a designer, so I did all the promotional graphics and actual blog page design myself. The only thing I paid for was the items and shipping for the launch gift packets.


How many did you sell and what did you make in the end?

Again, I was overwhelmed by the response from the first post. I had built it up for an entire month with lots of sneak peeks and hints, so I think people were really anxious to read the first post. I had over 80 comments on the first blog post, about 85 comments on social media posts in various groups and on my business page (Facebook + Instagram), over 300 social media likes (Facebook + Instagram), and over 75 new Instagram followers on launch day.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned about launching?

I felt a little like I was annoying people with all my sneak peeks and hinting leading up to the launch, but I realized it worked! My blog launch was a huge success and I’m still blown away by the response. The build up and buzz paid off!

Were there moments of overwhelm, insecurity, or doubt? How did you slay your launch monsters?

I was definitely nervous about being so vulnerable and sharing my story publicly. But I ended up getting messages from a lot of women who were in similar situations (single motherhood, starting in pregnancy), and it made me feel so glad I put myself out there.

What’s your advice for others who want to become launch warriors?

Be brave! Don’t be afraid to share if you’ve got something valuable to say!

For your next launch, what will you do differently?

Don’t plan anything for launch day – haha! I was so busy replying to comments and checking stats I hardly got anything done.

Did one of Farideh’s courses or any of her content help you specifically? If so, we’d love to hear about how!

Though I didn’t use any FB ads or anything, the FB group Launch Warriors was a big motivation and help in spreading the word and gaining confidence to finally just LAUNCH already!

kelseybaldwinoatbarKelsey Baldwin is the owner and designer at Paper + Oats, an online shop selling organizational printable planners and working with other creative entrepreneurs to design their digital products, e-books, and online courses. She’s a single mom to an adorable 1-year-old girl Penelope, and just moved to Nashville, TN. Kelsey has been a designer for nearly a decade, working both for an agency and as a freelancer, and loves helping creative small businesses put their best foot forward. Her new blog The Oat Bar just launched this year, and features topics on single motherhood, creative entrepreneurship, and productivity. She also hosts a monthly one-day productivity challenge called Batch Day. Follow her on Instagram @paperandoats for a behind-the-scenes look at life as a mompreneur.