Thinking about launching a new or existing product or service? This series is just for you.

We all launch differently.

Some launches are a success and others a flop. My intention in sharing these stories is to highlight the differences so you can get creative about your own launch.


This is Kathryn Hocking’s Story.

Tell us about your launch.kathryn

I have run the e-Course Launch Formula for 3.5 years and am now onto my 8th launch.

I teach service based entrepreneurs how to take their existing skills and knowledge (or perhaps long held secret passions) and share them with the world and create leveraged income through e-Courses.

My last launch was my 7th launch and my first six-figure launch for this program.

I launched in January 2015 and I used a video series, simple PDF opt-in, Q&A webinar, testimonial video, extensive sales sequence, an affiliate program to build buzz.

What were your goals for your launch (sales, list growth, exposure)?

I really wanted to hit my long sought after goal of a six-figure launch and over 100 enrolments. My stretch goal was 125 enrolments.

I aimed to get some guest blogs on Natalie MacNeil’s She Takes on the World Blog.

I wanted to build my list by 2,000 people.

How much did you invest in the promoting and creating of your launch?

I spent approximately $11k on this launch. I was lucky because I was able to reuse a launch funnel from the previous launch and my expenses were mainly Facebook Ads advertising, affiliate payouts and the gorgeous gifts that I send out to participants.

How many did you sell and what did you make in the end?

In the end I sold 107 spots and just over $100k (like just over!).

What’s the biggest lesson you learned about launching?

I think I learned that my mindset was key, so often during the launch I didn’t think I’d reach six-figures and I’d have to really focus on unblocking those upper limits. To begin with I never thought I’d see that 6-figure revenue number but I did!

I also learnt that sometimes you just have to push through, I was sick the entire launch but my coach kept encouraging me to just do that little bit more and not to give up – and it paid off.

Were there moments of overwhelm, insecurity, or doubt? How did you slay your launch monsters?

Absolutely, this never changes no matter what point in your business you are at.

I rely on maintaining a positive mindset through guided meditations (the Dina Proctor 3×3 are my personal faces) and I also see a kinesiologist during my launch to ensure that I am moving on any stagnant or negative energy and that I am truly aligned to my goals.

Plus talking to my girlfriends or even my course participants who really believe in me helps!

What’s your advice for others who want to become launch warriors?

Just get started.

Launch success is about building trust with your audience and momentum in your business over time.

There is no quick fix. You just have to get started.

Plus you get better and better at launching the more times you do it – I should know I’ve launched one product or another about 15 times!

Also surround yourself with others who are launching regularly in programs like the e-Course Launch Formula or Farideh’s so that you have support and lots of new ideas.

For your next launch, what will you do differently?

Well I am currently in my next launch and I totally started over.

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars and completely rebranded my e-Course including new sales page and a brand new video series. I also hired a videographer to record a professional sales page video.

One big thing I have done this launch is outsourced my Facebook ads management and google remarketing and I’m really excited to see the results – my FB ads manager is already getting much better results than I’ve achieved in the past.

I have invested a lot more time in planning my strategy and have also lined up promotional opportunities well in advance such as an interview on She Takes on the World TV and writing for a business magazine.

Did one of Farideh’s courses or any of her content help you specifically? If so, we’d love to hear about how!

I absolutely love Farideh’s Facebook Ads for Launching course and I recommend it to my participants in the e-Course Launch Formula.

I think it is really important to educate yourself in the basics of Facebook ads even if you outsource the management.

About Kathryn:

Kathryn Hocking helps passionate service-based entrepreneurs create unlimited impact and income through profitable, purpose-driven eCourses.
An eCourse Expert and Launch Strategist, Kathryn built a multiple six-figure business in less than two years through the creation of high quality, passion-fuelled online programs. Her signature offering, The eCourse Launch Formula, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe to put the ‘lifestyle’ back in their lifestyle business through the creation of their very own profitable eCourse.

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