How to advertise on Instagram for your launch


You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and you notice all these new sponsored ads. Perhaps you’re thinking how to I get in on this instagram advertising action?

Let me tell you.

Coles notes: you do it through the Facebook Power Editor.
This means you have access to the targeting powers of Facebook.

Why you might want to advertise on Instagram:

  • It’s less cluttered than Facebook
  • Your reach is better
  • Different customers are on Instagram

Why you might NOT want to advertise on Instagram:

  • You still have to use that dang power editor
  • You have to have a strategy. Your ad might get lots of love but how does that help your bottom line? You want to make sure your instagram advertising dollars are well spent.

If you’re not sure how to do that, visit

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Have you experimented with Instagram advertising? Share your secrets. Instagram advertising questions? Let me know and I will take the time to answer.

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  • Sarah

    Thanks, Farideh! I feel like Power Editor gets cranky with me when I try to force it to only create Instagram ads and exclude Facebook ads. I always get errors or red flags. Any tips on how to do this easily? Or are the two sort of married with no way around it?

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Julie-Headshot Farideh’s knowledge of tech and Facebook ads is something I didn’t have, but needed to make this launch a success…. Working with Farideh is amazing. She’s knowledgeable, professional and easy going. Plus, she helped make my launch successful and stress-free. That’s as good as launches get!
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