Last year, the Canadian government kindly sent me to Praxis School of Entrepreneurship via a grant.  It was a fantastic experience that forced me to learn about what I consider the “scary” parts of running my own business.

I sat with lawyers, accountants, insurance agents – all the people I had avoided as a musician.

We created budgets, sales forecasts, cash flow projections and much more.

Everyone struggled with sale projections.

When you’ve never sold a product, how can you anticipate sales?

In this week’s video, I share:

  • How many sales you can expect with your next launch
  • What to do to increase the likelihood of good sales
  • What to do to increase sales overall

Most internet marketing experts state that 1-5% of an email list will convert into sales.

I like to use this as a good guide, but this might not be true for you.

 A smaller list will often convert better TWEET THIS

It also really depends on how engaged your list is and connected they are to you.

The bad news is there is no guarantee on how many sales you will make on your next launch.

The good news is the more interaction and engagement you have with your clientele, the more likely they will buy from you.

What’s your experience? Is there a sales target your working for? In a previous launch, was there a specific conversion percentage you were shooting for?