How do you find a launch partner? Maybe you’re looking for an affiliate, or collaborators, or just people to help you promote what you have going on.

I define launch partners as people who are collaborators or affiliates, meaning they get a commission off the sale of your product; or just supporters, people who are willing to promote what you have to their list, and to their fans, and to their clients.

Why launch partners matter

Well, it could help you make more money. It could help you reach more people. And also, it can just be fun. The addition is that a launch partner can help you, walk with you through the launch because sometimes it gets very emotional. And it’s good to have friends, and supporters helping you through that.

Where to find launch partners

So when people are first starting out, they’ll often ask me where do I find launch partners, what do I do? You start with organic relationships that you already have. The reason being, because if it’s your first launch you probably haven’t tested your product or your program thoroughly. While it might work, have you tested how easy it is to sell? Those kind of things. So you’re going to look at organic relationships you already have, people who already believe in you, who are going to be happy to support you, and promote you to all their friends because they love you anyway.

You’re going to look at the relationships you already have (especially with other business owners) and think: do I have a product or program that is a natural extension of what they already offer? For instance, are they complementary, not competitive? In that case, you’re just going to email those people. You’re just going to have a straight up ask. Would you help me promote this? Hey, would you like to be an affiliate? Hey, do you think we should collaborate on a new product or program together? That’s where you start.

Build a track record to gain affiliates

Once you’ve actually gone through a launch and actually sold your product, and you can see that it’s working—that people are happy and that it sells well—that’s when you can start doing more affiliate sales, looking for people who maybe you don’t know you as well. But you have a track record already established. These people aren’t likely to want to work with you in the very beginning, because you don’t have a track record. So it’s a risk for them. What if your program doesn’t work? What if you’re not really around? There’s too many what-ifs, so you want to have a track record before you approach these people.

Once you have a track record, a lot of these people—affiliates and collaborators—will notice what you’re doing and approach you, too. So get ready and excited to look for that.

Start where you’re at. Look for organic relationships, and when you’re further along and have a tested and true product, look at who has a larger audience than you and would naturally benefit from your product, program or business, and just approach them. It’s really about making the ask. What is it Oprah says? You get the life that you’re willing to ask for. It’s just about making the ask with these launch partners.

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