How To Collect Testimonials After Your First Launch

Testimonials are a huge part of word-of-mouth marketing, creating sales pages, and all those kinds of things. So you know that you need testimonials for launching your products and programs, but how do you get them?

I get my testimonials from my products and programs in three different ways:

1. Ask at the end of the launch
At the end of my program, I already have a Google form set up for people who just want to take self-directed action and fill out a testimonial. That’s one step that I have automated.

2. Reach out personally
A couple of weeks after launching a program, after I know a couple of people have finished, I actually reach out personally with an email to people who’ve been in my program. At the end of working with someone, with my services, I also ask them to fill out a testimonial. That’s the second way.

Also, at the end of working with someone, I also ask them to fill out a testimonial.

3. Ask your networks for help
The third way I do it is I ask my Facebook group for help. If you have a Facebook group, or any kind of community, you just post in there that you’re looking for testimonials, and ask if someone can help you. And that’s just another way to remind them.

Now as far as what questions to ask, here’s a great blog post by Jenny Shih, who’s a fantastic business coach.

3 ways to collect killer #testimonials after you #launch – TWEET THIS

Your testimonials, they are essential. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in your group. Don’t be afraid to ask personally. And automate it a bit so you can try and get some of them through just nice little Google Form or Gravity Form.