Want to stay sane and totally on top of your launch? Then, you’re going to need a launch timeline or calendar.

A launch timeline or calendar is going to help you map out what needs to get done, so you can launch on time. You can communicate to your partners and your assistants what needs to get done when.

And it just keeps you sane because as you keep going towards your launch, you’re going to start freaking out that maybe you didn’t have everything figured out, or maybe you forgot something. And sometimes you’ll start getting really creative and you’ll start want to go bigger, and bolder, and that can be a bit much in the beginning. A launch timeline can help center you, and really focus you, and make sure the launch gets done on time.

I have a little launch calendar here. This is actually from The Launch Playbook  that I’ve developed, which walks you through a whole launch.

Set your launch start date

Basically, the first thing you want to is set a date. That’s number one. Sometimes we don’t want to commit to a date because what if it doesn’t happen, but really try and set a date because once you set a date it actually happens. You’re setting a date for the first day your product or program will be for sale.

Set your launch end date

You want to set an end date. How many days for sale is it going to be? Usually your first launch could be ten days or so. So you’ve got ten days you’re going to have it launched.

Plan your launch activities

What are you going to do during that week? Do you have launch emails to send? Do you have personal invites? Start mapping that out, as to what you’re going to do during that week.

Then, you can start working backwards from there. If your program is available for ten days in September, then when do you have to have the course done? When do you have to have those launch emails written? When do you have to have the social media posts written? All those things I like to do beforehand, so you just set a date and then start working backwards.

Now, if you’re not sure what kind of tasks are even involved in your launch, I do have a free 30-day sample checklist and calendar.

That’s it. Just start with setting your date. Figure out the elements you want to do, and start working backwards from there. It’s very simple, but a launch timeline will bring you much sanity, as you keep going in your launch.

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