I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times: “What you measure grows.”, but how are you measuring your progress on a weekly and monthly basis?

I love to measure the progress I’m making, so I thought I’d share with you my process. Everybody’s process is different. I have a goal of building my list and my social media followers. I set up a little spreadsheet that I update every Monday morning. Each week, I enter the following:

  • Last week’s sales: I put in the date, and then I put in my last week’s sales. By going to PayPal, I see what my last week of sales was.
  • Email subscribers: I put in the current number of people on my email list. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down, depending on what I did. And if I have any other lists, I also put that number in there. Perhaps I have a wait list. I have different funnels, so there’s a couple there.
  • Social media reach: Then I put in the number of Facebook fans I have, Twitter followers, YouTube views, Insta followers, etc.
  • Website traffic: I also access my Google Analytics to see what kind of traffic I’m getting to my site.
  • Activity notes: I have notes to say what happened that week. What was the reason why they went up or they went down, or they held?

This is really helpful because after some time, you start seeing patterns. More than anything, I think there’s a power to constantly watching what our goals are, and being reminded of them, and being accountable. Because what we measure grows.

So that’s what I do. Originally, this was different. Originally, I didn’t watch income, but I realized my monthly income and weekly income is a big part of my goals.

Download my goal tracking spreadsheet. Make yourself a copy if this is something you want to do.

What you measure grows, download this FREE goal tracking spreadsheet to track your biz #success ­- TWEET THIS!

Otherwise, I’d love to know how you track your business growth. How do you measure your success?