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Hey there! I’m Farideh from  
I made 15 K from webinars last week and I’m going to break down for you exactly how I did that! The first thing you need if you want a profitable webinar is a profitable product!

One thing I see a lot of online is people thinking that all products are the same. It is common for people to make the mistake of thinking “If I make this course,  “X amount of money” is how much I will make,” and this is just not the case!

Here are some key details about how I made 15K in one week with webinars.

Focus on your product:

  • You have to have a tested product

I have been running Facebook Ads for Launching for 2 years. So I have a clear idea about my product and know there is a market for it. People want this course. People buy this course.

  • Make sure you have a strong brand

I’ve tested Facebook Ads for Launching for a long time and I know people want to buy it. But, it really needed to look amazing and have higher level strategies involved, so I completely overhauled the course and gave it new content and a new look.

Try out webinars:

I recently decided to do a webinar after getting my completely new re-brand on the Facebook Ads for Launching CoursePreviously, I just had e-mail funnels to sell this course, but now with webinars I have taken it up to another level. Why did I use webinars? Well, like we’ve all heard, they convert really well.

  • Don’t give up if your webinar doesn’t go as planned

In the past, I haven’t had experience with webinars that convert really well. When I did them they all waaay sucked! Like super sucked. I was nervous, tech problems — so many issues!

Why did I try them again? Well, I felt like it was kinda wrong that I sucked at them. I’ve been a musician for 17 years!  Performance is my jam! I am really good at this! So I felt like, if I can’t do webinars then that’s just wrong. Selling from the stage should be my thing.

  • Invest in learning

So I invested in Amy Porterfield’s course, “Webinars that Convert”. I am not an affiliate for her — her course is just genuinely really awesome. I loved going through it step-by-step and Amy showed me just  how to do a really great webinar.

  • Have beautiful slides and practice often

One of the big things I learned in her course was how to have killer beautiful slides and be well practiced. I practiced all the time. I even practiced for my husband (who was like, “Umm… what is a Facebook pixel Farideh?”) So it was a fun way for him to understand what I do a bit more and get a complete outsider’s perspective.

Think about what you need to spend:

Now one thing I want to share with you is even though I made 15 K, it doesn’t mean I took home 15K. Online there are tons of things like, “6 figure launches!” and “7 figure launches!” But they might have actually made a loss. We don’t know. So I want to tell you what I spent:

  1. I spent $3500 dollars on Facebooks ads
  2. About $3000 went to the design and redevelopment of my site
    I needed to move it, try new hosting, have a new pixel, have a new membership software — all these things!
  3. I spent about $3000 on affiliate sales

So I might have made 15 K, but actually I took home more like 3 – 6K. Which was a really great thing because I recouped all my costs of design and set up.

Learn from others:

One thing I tell people when they’re launching is that sometimes for your first launch, you may just be making back the money you invest in it. Ultimately, I am hoping to work into automated webinars. But, you know what, that is going to take an investment! Here are some key things to keep in mind from my experience:

  1. Who taught me this magic? Amy Porterfield
  2. I made 15 K! But how much did I actually make? More like 3K.
  3. Would I do webinars again? Hell yes!

Sharing your experiences is helpful for everyone. Why? Well, sometimes things come up that you just don’t expect. One webinar I had hecklers on the call! It was very interesting. But the bonus — now I know what to do about hecklers!

If you have any questions about webinars and what worked and what didn’t work feel free to put em’ in the comments below and TWEET THIS!

My top tips:

  1. Hire a VA to support you. You cannot do a webinar alone.
    Just like launching, you cannot do a launch alone.
  2. Get beautifully designed slides, they help a lot.
  3. Don’t do the death by bullets.
    Try to have something that can just lead you through it. Think of it as a show.

The takeaway — It’s not for everybody. I don’t think webinars are necessarily perfect for everyone, but I’m really excited to be adding them to my marketing mix!

I’m Farideh from Let me know if you have any questions about webinars and this is how I made 15K in one week!


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