Let’s chat about high converting Facebook Ads. I have some examples for you from my course participants, but first let’s get clear on WHAT a conversion is, then a story!

What is a conversion?

A conversion is someone making a purchase or signing up for your email newsletter.

A conversion is different from a click. If someone clicks on your sales page; reads your blog; watches your video or sees your freebie offer; that doesn’t tell you much.

You want to know how much it will cost you every time someone not only clicks, but actually takes action and purchases or signs up for your email newsletter. You want to know how much your Facebook ads cost per conversion.

Allyson’s Facebook Ad Journey

I recently met a girl named Allyson. Allyson wants to punch Facebook Ads in the face.

She heard Facebook Ads are amazing, so she boosted a post and she thinks “maybe it worked.”

But where was the magic she heard of?

She then took it to another level and heard of the power editor. So, she found all the free training on the internet she could find, and ran a few ads with the power editor.

The whole experience was painful (more painful than doing her taxes) but she got through, finally ran her ad and……..nothing.  WHAT?

The ads were SOO expensive!

Why on earth is it not working?

Are all those people liars?

No. There are many things wrong with Allyson’s approach that made this whole thing so difficult and a waste of time.

  1. She tried to learn FB Ads on her own
  2. She didn’t tweak & test
  3. She doesn’t know the easy trick inside of FB to know what ads worked, with whom, and why

Below are examples of a few of my Facebook Ads for Launching students. Their Facebook advertising journey was much easier. They know exactly how to use the power editor; create a high converting ad; tweak and test to get the best results; and how to know that their ads are actually working (instead of wasting money guessing).

Here are all the elements of a high converting Facebook ad with examples to boot!

A high converting Facebook ad offers something of value

Your opt-in or product needs to be something your future customers want. This may seem obvious, but if you are struggling with your ad, start at the beginning. What will your future customers GET from signing up for your freebie or buying your product?

Example: Freelance to Freedom Project “Freelance Process Cheat Sheet”

high converting Facebook ad example 1

Leah Kalamakis of Freelance to Freedom shared one of her highest converting ads.

People who download this freebie don’t want a cheat sheet, they want to

  • “stop being a slave to their inbox”
  • “impress their clients”

Want this fantasting Freelancer Process Cheat Sheet? Get it here.

A high converting Facebook ad is targeted to people who want it.

Start with people who already know your business and then expand. Why? They are more likely to buy because they trust you.

You can target your ads to your:

  • Facebook fans
  • Website traffic
  • Previous customers
  • Email list

You can also target people who are similar to the above list by targeting:

  • Website traffic look-a-likes
  • Email list look-a-likes
  • People who are interested in your competitors or complementor-ers (that’s a word I made up)

Why would you target people similar to your current audience? Because they are more likely to buy from you!!!

People who are interested in your competitors or complimentor-ors are also more likely to buy from you then just anyone (and they are a perfect place to start if you don’t already have an email list, Facebook fans or website traffic).

Example: Farideh Ceaser’s (aka my) Launch Playbook

high converting fb video ad

This ad ran to my website traffic, e-mail list, Facebook fans and converted at roughly $1.36.

Interested in learning more about this Launch Playbook? Click here.

Example: Teach Good Stuff’s “The 5 Essential Elements of a Course”

high converting facebook ad example 7Jennifer has done a great job of targeting in her ad copy (aka the text). The only people who will be clicking and downloading this offer are people who want to create an online course.

The results: $0.21 per conversion and in 48 hours she was about to get 101 conversions.

Need to get your own copy of “The 5 Essential Elements of a Course?” Download it here.

A high converting Facebook ad grabs their attention and asks them to take action.

You must be clear what you want your audience to do. Examples include:

  • Sign up
  • Download
  • Click here to entre
  • Grab now
  • Learn more

Your audience sees thousands of ads a day, they need to know the quick action they can take to take advantage of your offer.

Additionally, your copy needs to clearly set out what they will get from buying or signing up. If you’re seeing lots of clicks on your ads but not many conversions, your copy may be confusing people.

Example: The Super Sweet Life “Create Your Own Printables Webinar”

high converting facebook ad exampleLaura from the Super Sweet Life promoted a PAID webinar. Wha! you can do that? yes, you can! (for more info on webinars check out my 15k webinar post). She shared with me that this ad converted several people at around $7 for a $25 digital product and this was to a cold audience (aka people who didn’t already know her or her company).

Learn more about Laura’s Super Sweet Planners here.

Click here to see more examples of Laura’s High Converting Facebook Ads.

Want to see MORE high converting Facebook Ads?

Click here and you’ll receive 7 more high converting Facebook Ads as well as a High Converting Facebook Ad Checklist.

A high converting Facebook ad features a captivating image.

You are competing for the eyes of your future customer. You will want to use images that speak to your customers and will have them stopping in their feed to see your ad.

EXAMPLE: Caitlin Bacher’s 6 Day Course “Selling More on Social”

high converting facebook ad ex 5This image is captivating and in keeping with Caitlin’s brand. These bright colors speak to her audience. Caitlin shared that this ad converted at $0.36.

Learn more about Caitlin Bacher’s Selling More on Social Course here.

Above all this – A high converting Facebook ad takes testing.

Facebook ads take testing. Regular testing of absolutely everything with the ads.

You must test:

  • The offer
  • The targets
  • The copy
  • The image (or video)

Example: Farideh Ceaser’s (aka My) Launch Mini-Playbook continued:

high converting Facebook ad example 3high converting Facebook ad example 3

The Offer: In this campaign I tested two offers. 1) A $27 Launch Playbook and 2) A free Launch Mini-Playbook. In this campaign I discovered that the free Launch Mini-Playbook converted much better (which isn’t all that surprising) but it was good to not assume.

Targets: After I targeted to my own audience, I targeted the Launch Mini-Playbook to a variety of look-a-like audiences and the fans of pages of my competitors/complimentor-ers. The cost per conversion ranged from $0.50 – $10.67. You can bet your bottom dollar I didn’t let my ads run very long on that high priced conversion.

The Copy: Personally, I think the headline is the most important when it comes to text. You have to test different headlines to find out which one will get more conversions. You may be surprised what works and what doesn’t. The two static images below converted very differently $0.58 vs $1.56

The Image: I ran multiple images and videos to find out which converted the best. Many of my students in FB Ads for Launching see incredible results with video ads. I wanted to test this for myself. Much to my surprise, the static image was cheaper than the video ad. The cost per conversion was $1.46 vs $1. Good thing I tested it!