“Get Back to Work”… a new song featuring the 1980’s Omnichord

Songs to inspire an entrepreneur. (Tweet that!)

I may have just invented a whole new genre.

Sure, I’ve got some great thoughts on Facebook and on marketing, but my songs are the bomb!

Maybe I’ll call it  “Music for the Unemployable” or perhaps “Productivity Boogies”

What do you think? Should I just stick to the ukelele next time?

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  • LOVE THIS. You are so amazing. I want more!

    • Farideh

      And more is what you shall have! I best start writing more of these hits immediately


    I am new to you. And I likey!

    Thanks for sharing… now I gotta get back to work. Girl!


    • Farideh

      welcome Jill!!! I best get back to work too!

  • I need this as a ringtone on my iPhone. Fabulous!

    • Farideh

      OMG! You’re brilliant! I should make that my new download! I’m so going to figure this out.

  • Okay, I seriously had one of those days yesterday. Finally MADE myself (yes, around 3) sit down and work on rewriting my home page, which turned out great and made me feel good. So I actually like working and being productive but dang, I’m easily distracted.

    • Farideh

      Oh man Amber! I totally get it. I actually have this iphone app that has white noise and beta waves. I tune it to “confidence” or “concentration” and I give myself one hour. My ADD mind has a hard time concentrating and the ding of a new facebook comment is soooo alluring.

  • LOL… I love it!!!…

    I learned about you on a friends fb page. Love everything about this blog post because I often find myself checking my newsfeed when I should be working. Thanks so much for the musical reminder. You have a new subscriber. 🙂


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