When I used to work 9-5 I’d listen to this song called “I Quit My Job”, close my eyes, and imagine dancing to it on my last day. When that last day came, let me tell you, I danced my nutts off.

As an entrepreneur we all get those clients where we close our eyes and imagine the moment we fire them. But of course….where is the song for you to revel in the glory of you kicking them to the curb?

Maybe they’re a jerk, a nitpicker, a penny pincher or a “never gets back to you” sort.

How do you fire a client?

What should you say to let a client go?

How do I handle firing my clients?

Write them a song of course!


Now its your turn. Have you had to fire a client before? How did you feel afterwards?

P.S. Just kidding. My clients are amazing I’ve never had to fire any of them….also I’m so Canadian I’d never be this direct.