You're seeing success in your online business, but you desire MORE. More traffic. More sales. More income.

To reach your revenue goals, you need to drive consistent, well-targeted leads to your online store.  This is where Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising comes in! 

You are ready to scale your online sales if: 

  • Your products are selling on a regular basis through organic or paid traffic
  • You know your numbers - open rates, click rates, conversion rates, cost per purchase, cart abandonment (or you're open to letting us dive into it for you!)  
  • You are willing to invest $5K/month in advertising spend 

Let’s make your online store the well-oiled revenue machine you dream of!

Here's what we do.

To reach your revenue goals, we'll drive paid traffic to your online store using Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising. 

We'll build an advertising funnel that mirrors and enhances your existing sales funnel. While we’re doing that, we’ll also do a health check on your website to ensure it's working properly.

Launching a brand-new product bundle? Time-limited bonus offer? Exclusive discounts for loyalty customers? Great! We'll fire up ads to remind people of these offers. We'll also ensure everyone who visits your website, likes your Facebook™page or signs up for your email list is seeing each sales offer, product upsell and downsell (even if they're not opening their emails).

Our ads management service includes pixel set up, custom audiences, campaign creation, ad copy and creatives - all done for you!  

Once your sales are churning, we analyze the data we've acquired to optimize your advertising funnel. We test and tweak until your ads are driving the most sales for the most profit! 

Once it’s working - it's time to scale to reach your revenue goals! 

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“They brought in over 225K JUST from Facebook ads!”

"I’ve done Facebook ads before but I wasn’t getting the level of support I needed for peace of mind.  When I moved over to working with Farideh & Lindsey, I saw an immediate increase in the level of support and strategic expertise. With a fresh approach and increased communication between me and the team, we improved our reach and sales by over 100K… and were able to help WAY more people”


"You knew how to do everything."

"The instant that I started advertising with you I suddenly had so much more traffic to my website. There were so many more people opting in, so many more people engaging, more people signing up. It was just amazing."


who are we?

Our team helps online business owners launch, scale and sell their courses and products through custom sales funnel builds and Facebook™ ads management. 

In the last year, our clients have seen the following results:

  • 2x to 10x return on their advertising investment
  • 70% to 82% of monthly sales coming directly from cold leads generated exclusively from our ads
  • Steady income of 50K+ a month from their advertising funnels

We understand the effort it takes to create a sales system that attracts, nurtures and converts your leads into paying customers. 

Online business trends are constantly changing, but our specialized team values being ahead of the curve. 

Stay in your zone of genius and let us handle taking your business to the next level!  


Farideh, Lead Strategist 

Farideh's out-of-the-box creativity has fuelled hundreds of successful Facebook ad campaigns and online launches. Her proven strategies for launching, building and scaling passive income originates from a desire to help other entrepreneurs find freedom through their online businesses. 

Lindsey FB Ads Analyst

Lindsey, Lead Strategist 

With 12+ years in marketing and user experience (UX), Lindsey uses her passion for analyzing the customer journey to design custom, data-driven strategies that attract your ideal client and amplify your online sales. 

Sara, Account Manager

Sara leads our account management and technical implementation teams. Combining her project management background with advanced technical literacy, Sara specializes in the ins and outs of funnel builds, and ensures that every aspect of your account and funnel runs smoothly. 

Julia, Senior Ads Manager 

Using fast-paced methods to optimize and scale, Julia has managed over $15M+ in advertising spend.  She believes in the power of split testing to lower cost per purchase and is always coming up with unique strategies to convert leads into sales. 

Here's how we do it differently. 

When it comes to your ads, we don't “set it and forget it”.  We’re in there everyday making sure your campaigns are converting. The success of your advertising is our #1 priority (which is why you will never be another # on a roster of 1000s of clients). 

We ONLY take on clients we believe in.  If your goals are not in alignment with your funnel, we will tell you - straight up. 

Sales funnels take time to tweak and optimize - especially when the people coming through your funnel from Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads have never heard of you before. We ask our clients to not expect significant results until the funnel has been running for 3 months.

That being said, we have MANY clients with proven offers who see success MUCH faster. 

custom strategy >>>>> data-driven optimization >>>>>transparent communication >>>>>

Is this service right for you? 

Are you a fit?

  • You are seeing consistent monthly sales through organic traffic 
  • You’re able to commit to providing timely responses for approvals and direction
  • You’re willing to spend at least $5K a month on advertising for at least 3 months 
  • You're willing to invest to have your advertising strategically done-for-you 

How do I get this goodness?

  • Click on the button below to fill in this application (it takes less than 10 min).
  • If we feel you’re a fit, you’ll get on a call with a member of our team to talk about your e-commerce site and goals.
  • If you’ve run FB ads before, we’ll do an audit of your account and put together a proposal for your funnel. 
  • If you are ready to get started, we'll make it official with contracts, account access, your custom strategy and done-for-you ads management.