facebook ad management
So here’s the thing, I’m bored of teaching people to launch. I’m also seeing success in my music career and I want to follow those open doors. Sooo…its time for another change.

Is it just me or do you also feel like you’re constantly having to take a “leap”?

For some reason I assumed that starting my business was the only leap I would need to take but no. Not. At. All.

I leaped when I decided to become a launch strategist (and not just a marketing expert).
I leaped when I started a podcast.
I leaped when I quit my podcast.
I leaped when I hired an assistant when I didn’t have the money.

Now, I’m taking a totally new leap.

I’m taking on a business parter and offering Facebook ad management.

I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me if I could run their Facebook ads management for them. I had been doing Facebook ad management for years, but I started saying no because I knew my genius fell in the strategy – not in the details. I also knew I couldn’t give clients the care and attention they deserve because 100 days a year I’m traveling out of a suitcase with a baby in tow.

The big question I pondered was: “How do I pursue my music and keep empowering online women entrepreneurs?”

In the many conversations I had with my loved ones – the power of collaboration was a common theme.

Que Lindsey Bast my friend and assistant. She is a details, systems, sales funnel AMAZE-O-pants. One day during one of our meetings it occurred to me we should merge our businesses! I could provide the Facebook advertising strategy and she could use her analytical abilities to ensure these ads maximized profits.

So here we are…at the precipice of a new adventure.

How about you? Are you taking the leap or are you holding back from doing something scary right now?

How can you use the power of collaboration to do and serve more in 2017?

If you’re looking for someone to run your facebook ads or want to learn how to do it for yourself Lindsey and I are here for you.