This is the story of the power of one word.

You change one word.

You change everything.


This is my summer view when i'm not at my laptop

This is my summer view when i’m not at my laptop

Three weeks ago, I changed the name of what I do from:

Marketing Strategist to Launch Strategist.

I was inspired by my work with Leah Kalamakis on her launch Stress Less & Impress. I realized that out of all the areas of marketing, I loved launching the best especially launching online courses.

Psst. Little secret… I consider marketing and launching to be pretty much the same thing. Only “marketing” is pretty vague; whereas “launching” solves a problem.

This little word change become a MIGHTY sword… suddenly when people were struggling with launching their online course – they thought of ME.

Then, I took it one step further:

I created the BEST opt-in in human history.

… okay, maybe not that good, but close.

An opt-in is the bribe you give people in exchange for their email address.

In the past, I had put together what I considered to be my best work for my opt-in.  This time, I created the opt-in that everyone WANTED.

Ting, ting!

Not just MY best work, something other people would actually PAY me for.

I literally asked the internet, “What do you need for your launch?”. Here’s what I heard: checklists, calendars and all the launching stuff – all in one place.

So, I created the 30 Day Launch Plan Checklist & Calendar.

[Tweet “OOO! @faridehceaser doubled her list and tripled her clients. Find out how!”]

And the people be SWWOOONING for it.

Rightly so, It’s the best opt-in in human history.

You should download it… in exchange for your email address – of course.

The results are in.

In three days, I doubled my list.

This is the list I’d been growing for 10 MONTHS! The list that I’d put EVERYWHERE on my site and put up annoying lightboxes to make it happen.

DOUBLED with a little awesome opt-in! An opt-in I didn’t even promote that much.

Thats how powerful an opt-in can be.

Blamo! Awesomesauce!

In 3 weeks, I tripled my client base.

I had to hire another assistant. I paid for my flights to World Domination Summit (WDS).

I also let my husband know that from here on I was to be known as the Launch Queen. (This is similar to when I was 4 and would only be referred to as Aurora, Princess of Power). 

All hail the launch queen!

Ridiculous launch queen...but i love it

Ridiculous launch queen…but i love it

Oh, you should know that you have a name too. From here on  YOU are a “Launchette”… its like you’re in my  band, only you don’t have to have any musical ability. Maria gave me your sweet name.

Here’s how to double your list and increase your clients:

1) Ask yourself: “What do my clients ask me for”? Make that answer your opt-in – something small that helps them get to where they want to go.

2) Ask yourself: “What word should I change in my business to make a HUGE difference?” Think about solving a particular problem. What problem do you solve with your work?

Let me know below my little Launchette!