Facebook ads are touted all the time for list-building, but it’s no secret they’re also a big part of my launch strategy. Putting well-targeted ads in place both before and during your launch can give your launch sales a major boost (who doesn’t want that?!).

Here are my go-to combos:


Time to break out the freebie to give your audience a peek at what your soon-to-be-launched offering is all about.

In the weeks leading up to your launch, promote your freebie to the following audiences:

  • Website traffic: These are people who are curious about what you have to say or your niche. This is the perfect time to get in front of them without going for a big sale, and gives you a chance to get them on your launch email list.
  • Email list: You’ve probably already emailed them about your offering, but there’s no guarantee they’ve opened. Facebook ads increases the likelihood they’ll see it and the chance they’ll opt-in to a launch-specific list if you have one.
  • Facebook fans: Your existing fans have proven they want to hear from you. Targeting them gives you exposure to those who might not have already signed up for your email list and has more guarantee of showing up in their feed than a standard post.
  • Complimentors and competitors: As I’ve mentioned before, these people are more likely to take action than random people because they’re already looking for similar topics and info. Now is the time to reel them in!


Once the cart is open, ads directing to your sales page are a surefire way to get it increased exposure.

Like with your freebie, targeting your website, email list and Facebook fans will increase are key. They’ve expressed interest but might have missed out on seeing the new offering.

Adding to the mix? Your sales page visitors. They have an even likelier chance of pressing the buy button because they already know what you’re offering but might not be quite ready or convinced. Don’t let them forget you!

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