I see it in every client, Launch Warrior and even myself.

You launch.

A week or two later, you close the cart….

and you’re disappointed.

No matter how well your launch goes… you feel super depressed.


Doubting your direction.

When I talk to my clients a few weeks after, they are perfectly happy with their results. A launch flop is now a stepping stone. The success they had is celebrated.

But for the first week or two after… it’s all dismal and disappointing.

Post launch blues

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Why is this? Why does everyone get the “post-launch blues”?

Firstly, it’s normal.

Secondly, you are experiencing a “crisis of meaning”.

I first ran into the post-launch blues as a musician. When I performed at a big event, finished a tour, or wrote a song, I was on a high and felt like I could do anything. During that time, it was all work; all flow.

When the project was over, I felt lost, disappointed and wondered what the heck I was doing with my life.

This isn’t a phenomenon only I experience though.

In the book the “Van Gogh Blues”, the writer discusses an artist’s eternal quest for meaning. An artist creates because meaning is the essential passion that they live off of. That meaning for an artist is found in the current project they are working on. Without meaning (or something to work on), an artist feels depressed, blue and in a slump.

As an entrepreneurs, you are all artists.  You create meaning from your launches. Without the next one to hold on to, you feel epically depressed.

How to prepare for the post-launch blues?

Set aside a few days after your launch to be depressed. Take a nap. Have a bubble bath. Get out of the house and close your computer.

What can you do about the post-launch blues if you’re currently in it?

I’m not going to post the “7-steps to over coming your post launch slump”.

Just like with launch monsters, I’m a firm believer in: “If you name it, you can slay it”.

Knowing there is a name for what you are going through is usually enough to help us through those few days. Otherwise, the doctors orders are:

  • Take time to rest and recharge.
  • You cannot force the passion for a new project, it needs to come in its own time.
  • Do a gratitude journal. Write all the positives that came out of the launch.

Have you ever had the post-launch blues before? What did you do? Any advice?