I’m a big fan of both beta testing and soft launching your product or course. In this week’s video, I give you an example of my beta, soft launch and regular launch as a musician.

Beta testing vs soft launching. What’s the difference? @FaridehCeaser explainsTWEET THIS

Beta testing

Beta testing involves sending your product or course to a few champions, customers or colleagues. You invite them for a sneak preview to make sure it works, get their feedback and make any required changes before you officially launch.

Soft launching

A soft launch is a slower, lower key way to put your product out into the world.

Instead of screaming “LOOK AT ME” to the entire world, you let them quietly discover you.

Restaurants do this all the time when they first open. Typically, restaurants do soft launch nights to make sure everything runs smoothly. You want the staff to know what their doing; enough supplies are on hand –  that kind of thing.

A soft launch is a great way to build the skills of your team and gather testimonials for a larger launch in the future.

Have you beta tested or soft launched? What is your experience?