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Today, we’re talking about how to clear money blocks for launching.  I’m Farideh from  I’m a launch strategist and a musician.  Let’s talk money blocks.

Have you heard of money blocks or money mindset?  Are you worried that maybe money blocks could be kind of messing with your launch sales or your pricing?  Read on!

How to know if you have money blocks

One clue could be that you’re not sending as many launch emails because you’re really kind of nervous about annoying people.  Another one would be you’re just not going all the way. Okay, you’ve sent some emails, but you’re not doing social media, or you’re not talking about it.  You’re kind of shying away. That would be another sign of a money block.

Money blocks could also show up in the form of you not wanting to sell.  You’re just kind of going to make it like, “Hey, guys.  If you sort of want it, maybe, it’s not really that great, so don’t worry about it.”  That’s a money block.  

6 Tips to Clear Your Money Blocks

I want to give you six ideas about how to clear your money blocks.

  • Number one: Here is some advice I got from Licia Morelli.  She was on my site.  We did a behind the launch feature.  She talked about how, when she was launching, she kind of had this moment where she felt she was stressed.  She was kind of pushing and trying to make it happen, and she had to just step back and allow.I don’t know what your process is for stepping back and allowing.  For me, sometimes it’s just disengaging, taking a couple times and de-screening.  Perhaps it is having some drinks with girls or just saying the F-word, F- it, those kinds of things.  Those are how some people step back and allow.
  • Number two: This is the Denise Duffield-Thomas Lucky Bitch way, which is just hand on your heart.  It’s my turn, and I’m ready for the next step.  Just repeating that to yourself over and over and over, pushing through, and doing the work anyway, whatever you’re afraid of.
  • Number three: Some EFT tapping.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of this.  I recommend just searching on Google “Brad Yates.”  You can look at money blocks, wealth, and being seen.  You just tap it away – tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.
  • Number four: Clear your clutter.  All right, you’re launching.  The sales aren’t coming in.  You’re blocked.  You’re not really sure.  Go through your drawers.  Go through your digital stuff.  Just start decluttering.  Create space for more in your life.
  • Number five: Give money away. I have a sale in my course.  I’d love to recoup my costs, but I also just need to express my gratitude that I even had one sale, so that’s what I give to charity.
  • Number six: Celebrate every single sale.  Every time you have a sale, message your business bestie or launch partner and be like, “Girl, I got a sale.  Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!”  Yeah, every single one.  Have a dance party.  Every single sale should be celebrated as far as a way to clear your money blocks.


I’d love to know.  Do you have any ideas for clearing money blocks because I’m always interested. Feel free to leave em’ in the comments below.

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