Case Study: Lisa
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I had hustled in my business for years and I knew I needed to hire help because I was spent!  Even though I have a large social media following, it was discouraging to feel like I couldn’t market and sell my products and courses the way I wanted to. But with the magical powers of Farideh and her team, I am now seeing a steady income and my products are able to bless many more lives which makes me so happy! I now have a team I can completely trust that is constantly keeping their eyes on the analytics, coming up with new ideas and bringing in more sales.

I’m thrilled with the results and how much easier it is to grow my business this way. I can’t wait to see what Farideh and her team come up with next!

Case Study: Irene Lyon

irene final headshotWhen we started working with a new client, Irene Lyon, and her program “SmartBody, SmartMind,” we knew it had amazing potential.

In 3 months together we were able to get her 4000 new email subscribers and generate $225,000 US in sales JUST from FB ads – all with only a 12K ad spend!

I’ve done Facebook ads before but I wasn’t getting the level of support I needed for peace of mind.  When I moved over to working with Farideh & Lindsey, I saw an immediate increase in the level of support and strategic expertise. With a fresh approach and increased communication between me and the team, we improved our reach and sales by over 100K… and were able to help WAY more people”.

What our strategy was:

  • Bring in 4000 highly targeted cold (new) leads.
  • Engagement. Keep those leads engaged over a long period of time to develop the “know, like & trust factor” that will result in sales.
  • Retarget. With a higher ticket offer, potential customers will often visit the sales page multiple times. We had retargeting in place to keep those customers coming back for more until they made a purchase.

The Results:

  • 145 sales for the main offer! The average cost of a sale was $99.94 – for a $1500 product!
  • 50 sales for downsell offer. Wha? Next step – making this puppy evergreen so Irene can enjoy better cash flow!
  • Over 40% of Irene’s sales came from retargeting sales page visitors. 

“They brought in over 225K JUST from Facebook ads!”

Case Study: KateMaxStock Photography

kate headshot finalKate hired us on so that she could focus on what she loves doing best – taking incredible photos!

The instant that I started advertising with you I suddenly had so much more traffic to my website. There were so many more people opting in, so many more people engaging, more people signing up. It was just amazing.

Our first recommendation to Kate was to raise the price of her individual photos in order to incentivize the value of her membership site.

Once those things were in place our strategy was two-fold:

  • Attracting new potential customers
  • Retargeting them to purchase memberships

It has been amazing to see the increase in memberships. Getting my name out there has been so hard for so long and once I started working with your team it was instant! You knew what audiences to get in front of, you knew how to tweak the ad demographics, you knew how to do everything.

Kate effortlessly hits her membership goal every month and sees additional sales of individual photos.

      • 2X + list size growth at roughly $1.22/lead
      • 74% of her sales are generated from Facebook advertising while 26% come from Instagram
      • 89% of her leads come from mobile (another reason to ensure your website works on mobile – if you haven’t already!)

It’s peace of mind knowing that someone else has your back, is looking at the numbers and has the patience to strategize. Where as sometimes I have no patience to strategize or to try to tweak things around.

Case Study: Stress Less & Impress

Leah-yellowWeb designer and developer, Leah Kalamakis was in the middle of the launch of her first program, Stress Less & Impress when she realized that she herself, needed to stress less.

“I had read every launch article and ebook and I was ready to pull it off myself. But in the last few weeks leading up to launch when I had to actually implement, it was too daunting.”

Going into the launch, Leah had two goals – to sell 10 Stress Less & Impress and to have everything go smoothly during her first launch so she could run the program in the future.

We quickly identified some holes in Leah’s strategy and focused on creating launch emails that would help convert people into buyers.

Leah grew her email list by 30% and exceeded her goal by more than 10x – selling over 100 spots.

“Farideh made the entire launching process smooth, clear and easy. She took away all the stress I felt of having too much to do and not knowing where to start.”

Case Study: Heather Crabtree

As a small business strategist, Heather was ready to package her systems smarts into a smokin’ hot course for creative entrepreneurs. But when the launch monsters began to creep in, she realized she needed help pulling the trigger on her first launch.

“It was a big investment, so I hesitated a little at first because of the cost, but honestly, I trusted that you knew what you were doing and it was going to pay off.”

Going into her first launch, Heather didn’t want to spend money on Facebook ads or affiliates.

Our solution? A bold + strategic move that most people would shy away from. Having no official sales page, she soft launched her course with an early registration fee of $250. A limited number of seats were made available for founding class members, who received fun swag along with other exclusive bonuses.

When it was time to ramp things up, we added a sales page, promo emails and social media content to her launch lineup.

The results? Heather sold 30 spots to her first course with a revenue of over $26,000.

“You were the major key to my successful course launch. You were the strategist who not only had all of the steps ready for me to launch my course, but you were there when the launch monsters started appearing throughout the process. You were so insightful, and since you had done it several times yourself, you knew first-hand what I was going through.”

Case Study: Inspired Coach Collective


Julie Parker is one of Australia’s foremost life and business coaches and trainers. As CEO and Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, she teaches and mentors women on how to become heart-centered coaches. Looking for another way to support coaches as they grow their thriving businesses, she decided to launch a larger group program: the Inspired COACH Collective.

The missing piece for getting it launched? Someone on her team who could lay out the steps and make it happen on time. So Julie reached out to Farideh for expert launch assistance.

“Initially, I was apprehensive about the cost and time zone difference.”

Going into the launch, Julie wanted it to be fun and enjoyable; she had no interest in dealing with stress or pulling her hair out.

And that’s exactly how we designed her launch experience. Working together, we mapped out a plan to capture the attention of new coaches who were looking for resources and mentorship. Julie also received copywriting assistance and unlimited communication in Basecamp throughout the project.

Building up to the launch, we promoted a special offer via Facebook ads, a segment of her current email list, and social media channels. Once the doors officially opened, we continued promoting her offer to the email list we created from the ads as well as her main list.

“Farideh’s knowledge of tech and Facebook ads is something I didn’t have, but needed to make this launch a success.”

Not only did Julie have an easy breezy launch, but by the end, she had achieved sales above and beyond her launch targets. In fact, she sold 100 spots over her original goal!

“My launch was a great initiative made better by working with Farideh, as we could reach more people and positively impact them. I’m really pleased with how everything turned out.”

She also experienced significant email list growth and a great social media response, which flowed into and positively impacted other areas of her business.

“Working with Farideh is amazing. She’s knowledgeable, professional and easy going. Plus, she helped make my launch successful and stress-free. That’s as good as launches get!” 

Case Study: Heidi Brockmyre

Heidi-yellowHeidi is an acupuncturist and creator of an acupressure-based course on fertility. After seeing first hand the result of women in her practice, she wanted to enable women to be able to take control of their own fertility.

Heidi had launched the course in the past, but not with the results she wanted, so she came to Farideh for launch support.

“If I was going to launch this course again, I was committed to doing it right. I know how profound the impact of this information for women, and I wanted to reach as many women as possible.”

Working with Heidi, we created a full plan for her launch ensuring all the key elements were covered from social media to email marketing to the sales page.

“What I loved about this process is that I had support all the time. I could email you in between meetings and you’d get back to me with great answers. I always felt well taken care of, not to mention, you always made it fun.”

Heidi’s launch brought it multiple 5-figures and doubled the number of sign-ups since her last launch. Best of all, her program is getting results for participants and babies are on the way!

“Going through this launch with Farideh and her team was amazing. I finally feel like I’m not a fraud and fully understand the value of what I’m offering.  While I was thrilled to exceed my financial goals, knowing the work I’m doing is reaching more people and making a major difference is the big reward”.



HeatherK-circle“Farideh is a wealth of strategic launching know-how!  Having emotional, technical, and logistical support during a launch empowers you to serve your audience with clarity and heart.”

-Heather K. Jones,

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Julie-Headshot Farideh’s knowledge of tech and Facebook ads is something I didn’t have, but needed to make this launch a success…. Working with Farideh is amazing. She’s knowledgeable, professional and easy going. Plus, she helped make my launch successful and stress-free. That’s as good as launches get!
Julie Parker,