Can you launch a product, a program, or a service that’s always available?

A launch is just something that people can talk about. It builds buzz for your business. It is instrumental to keeping your business going, and to keep people talking about the awesome stuff you’re doing.

Now, you can do this by having little mini launches. You don’t have to have this huge, overwhelming, multi-part launch. You can just have small things, like every time you have a sale, that’s a launch. You put together a couple of new graphics, you tell people on social media. Maybe you tell people in your shop. You tell people on your email list. That’s a launch, or a special.

You can get creative.

One thing I really like about photographers is they’re taking photos all year long, but they’ll be doing a special based upon a time of year: Mother’s Day, end of the year, grad photos, summer family stuff, weddings, Christmas, all those kinds of things. Everything has a special around it.

Take a look at your year and think about what are some of the reasons people come to buy from me? What times of year are really important? That’s one way you can make a special.

You can make specials like “I’m going on maternity. This is going to be open for 24 hours”. You can add bonuses to your online programs and have them “limited time available”.

You can do discounts, of course. That’s another option.

Just look around and see what other people are doing with launching actual services that are actually always available.