Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.37.19 AMHave you ever been to a burlesque show? I have to say, that’s the best audience I’ve ever sung too (Note: I stayed fully dressed).

The dancer teaches her audience to love and adore her with the art of the tease.

She looks at you.

She looks at her glove.

She looks at you.

She rolls the glove down half an inch.

She bites her lip.

She looks at you.

The glove is halfway to her wrist.

The crowd is going wild in a frenzy!

They can hardly contain their excitement watching the glove come off.

It’s just a glove people! BUT they love it! They love it immensely.

Don’t even get me started on her stockings.

How can you get your audience chanting for more? Use the art of seduction during your next launch to sell your course.

Here’s how:

The art of seduction can help you sell out your next online launch. @Faridehceaser shows us howTWEET THIS!

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What are your seduction techniques when it comes to getting your clients hot for your next launch?