Thinking about launching a new or existing product or service? This series is just for you.

We all launch differently.

Some launches are a success and others a flop. My intention in sharing these stories is to highlight the differences so you can get creative about your own launch.


This is Linda Anderson’s Behind the Launch story.

Tell us about your launch.

I launched my first ecourse, 5 Minutes 4 Mum, in February 2015. I was lucky to have good online communities to tap into thanks to another business I run so used this to create a buzz. I called in every favour I could from wonderful supportive people in my community.

What were your goals for your launch?

In my first launch my sales goal was 10, with a stretch goal of 20.

My list was effectively starting at zero so I didn’t really know what to expect there in terms of growth.

How much did you invest in the promoting and creating of your launch?

I invested almost $3500 into all the set up for the program – membership site being built, domain name, logo design and so forth

I then spent around $750 on launch specific things such as marketing, FB ads, a gift for participants.

How many did you sell and what did you make in the end?

I enrolled 34 participants in my first round which exceeded my expectations. However, as my course is low cost I ended up with about $500 profit that round (my set up costs get spread across the first 5 launches)

What’s the biggest lesson you learned about launching?

How BIG it is energetically. I couldn’t believe how intense I found the launch period. Exciting, exhausting, overwhelming, never-ending!

I really learned how important it is to have and maintain a positive mindset throughout to support the rollercoaster ride it felt like I was on.

Were there moments of overwhelm, insecurity, or doubt? How did you slay your launch monsters?

I was constantly overwhelmed in my first launch. At the time of launch I was still creating the content, the membership site etc
I was so scared that I would not pull it all together in time. I had many sleepless nights where I just couldn’t see how I could possibly get it all done.

How did I slay that launch monster?

  1. I kept moving forward at all times. I knew that was the only way it was possible.
  2. I reached out for support within a wonder Mastermind group I am part of.
  3. I worked many, many late nights.
  4. I accepted that sleepless nights were just part of the journey and stopped resisting them.

What’s your advice for others who want to become launch warriors?

Believe in yourself and what you have to offer the world. Trust that you have all you need within you and around you to be magnificent.
Clear the decks during launch times so that you are not juggling too may other things at the same time.

For your next launch, what will you do differently?

I have actually completed a second launch already and I am preparing for one final launch this year. My focus is now very much about building my list. Experimenting with different ways to reach my target market and different styles of opt-ins.
I feel very much that I am in “test and measure” mode. Some things work brilliantly, some things are total flops and that is OK. It is the only way I am going to learn and grow as a launch warrior.

Thanks for sharing your Behind the Launch Story, Linda!

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You can find out more about Linda here.

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