At the end of my first trimester, I shared how I’ve been preparing my business for baby. You can read that post here. Now that my second trimester is over, I thought I’d share with you how I am continuing to prepare my business for my baby GIRL.

Of course, the first thing I did was write a song for you and my baby:

I won’t lie. This pregnancy has been hard on me. My nausea has not retreated (I puked last night) and I remain very very tired. Additionally, I began suffering from pre-partum depression making work a lot more challenging. Most days I am just fine, but the level of work I am able to do in a day is probably 20% of what it was.

In my first trimester, I focused on systems, support, growth and diversifying my income.

In the 2nd trimester I focused on:

  • Diversifying my income
  • More support & systems
  • Investing in growth
  • Self-care

Diversifying my income
Due to the challenges of my pregnancy, I had to begin phasing out my one-on-one clients sooner than expected. This was a relief to me and freed up my time to work on the creation of products that would provide me with an income while my baby is small.

I created the Launch Playbook, FB Ads for Launching and I introduced a new 1-day workshop called the Launch Accelerator.

With the introduction of FB Ads for Launching and the Launch Accelerator, February was financially the best month I’ve ever had. The Launch Accelerator also served as a service for those who wanted to work one-on-one with me.

More support & systems
In addition to the systems I developed through Stress Less & Impress (which I HIGHLY recommend and am an affiliate for), I’ve been working with my online business manager to create an operations manual. This manual will serve as a guidebook for my business while I’m away.

I also brought in more support with a designer/writer and admin person. This helped me create and launch FB Ads for Launching in no time flat even while I wasn’t feeling tip top.

My assistants are all contractors. When my business goes into a maintenance mode during my maternity leave,  I can choose which of their services I will need while I am off.

Investing in growth
I continued to invest in the growth of my business through FB ads, engagement with my email list and working with a new coach.

I invest in FB ads because for me, they are the BEST way to build my list. I’ve tried a variety of list building activities and FB ads allows me to grow faster without spending too much time or money.  I used them to promote my webinars and a Pre-Launch Party I planned.

Another way I invested in growth was engaging with the human beings on my email list. I knew that when this baby comes I won’t have time to invest as much in that personal connection so I did a few things.

1) I set up some 15 min free consultations so individuals on my list could meet me face to face.

2) I hosted a Pre-Launch Party Bash. I brought together a number of great launching experts to help tackle the common launch questions I see. There was so many great conversations and launch progress that week.

As my business will be changing, I felt I needed some help navigating my next step. I enrolled in Tara Gentile’s Quiet Power Strategy. We’re just a few weeks in. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

Originally, I had planned for a few things to happen AFTER baby came. In the 2nd trimester, my husband and I realized we needed that support now. First thing we did was hire a cleaner. I highly recommend a cleaner! It’s glorious! She comes in for 2 hrs twice a month because our home is small. This took the pressure off of my husband (I haven’t been able to clean) and it makes us both feel so good to live in such a wonderful clean home.

The hardest thing for me to learn was to adjust my expectations. This experience has helped me to see that I’m attached to “doing” and “achievement”. There have been days where my accomplishment has been washing my hair. I had financial savings goals for the baby that I’ve had to let go of. I fought and struggled trying to push myself to work hard for about 6 weeks before I tuned into the fact that perhaps I was dealing with a more serious depression than I had originally thought.

Once I realized I was suffering from pre-partum depression, I took a number of steps. First, I had a conversation with my husband letting him know that it is more serious than I thought. I didn’t need him to do anything but it was important he knew that I wasn’t just having a few bad days or weeks.

Then, I began reaching out to friends who have also suffered from depression to let them know what I am going through. They provided the love and support that only those who have suffered similarly can offer. They remind you to get your sleep and to not be so hard yourself. I then also shared what was happening with my family and other close friends.

I began prioritizing sleep and friendship. I also discussed options with my doctor and made an appointment with a counsellor. I’m feeling better. I hope I can feel a lot better for when the baby comes in case I have to face post-partum depression.

I share this part of my journey with you, not because I need advice or pity. I only share it for others who silently suffer and don’t know what the next steps for them could be. Depression in and around pregnancy is very, very common.

Next steps for baby proofing my business?

  • Prepping my blogs til the end of the year
  • Launch FB Ads for Launching again (May 20-29th)
  • Continue to have a strong self-care routine
  • Experiment with promoting my evergreen products in new ways to generate income while I am on maternity.

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