I peed on this!

I peed on this!

I’m having a baby!

I’ve known I wanted a child for a long time. Before we conceived, I read blogs like this and this to learn how other women prepped their business for a baby.

Our journey as entrepreneurial mama’s is uncharted territory. While I’m no expert, I know how helpful it is to hear what other future mamas are doing to prepare. I thought I’d share my journey so far.

Yes, yes…I know there is no ACTUAL way to prepare, but I can try.

Prepare Before Pregnancy

Thank goodness I started to prepare before I got pregnant! During week 6-14 of pregnancy, I was only able to work 1-2 hours a day because of all-day-sickness (a.k.a. morning sickness).

The systems, assistance and investments I made in my business prior to pregnancy carried me through this difficult time without any hiccups.

A few months before we started trying I started working on:

  1. Better systems.
  2. More assistance.
  3. Investing in growth.
  4. Diversifying my income.


First thing, I did was enrolled in Stress Less & Impress. This course made it easy to automate my hire me forms, contracts, billings, project management software and some other stuff. I highly recommend this course. I am an affiliate for it, so if you’re interested. Do it!!

In the first trimester, I was so sick and tired. I would sleep until 5 minutes before a client meeting and then pass out right after. Knowing my systems were taking care of my clients needs allowed me to confidently know that I was still able to do my best for my clients.

Get more help

All my assistants are contractors. They are flexible to the ebb and flow of my business. This is handy when I have leaner months and don’t need their assistance.

I already had one assistant that came in for 2 hours a week. As we’d been working together for awhile, I saw she had great editing and online skills that I wanted to take advantage of. I hired an additional admin assistant that could help me with more administrative work.

I hired a writer too. Part of my launching support package includes writing the copy for sales page, launch emails and social media.  I used to write these myself but I saw this was 1. Not my genius zone and 2. Unscalable. Getting all that writing done was already stressing me out. I got a recommendation for a great gal named Erica Bishop over at RedCat Ink and she joined my team to take care of the copywriting for clients. Serious. HOURS of time saved with her by my side.

Invest in Growth.

When I looked into the future of my life with Baby Ceaser I thought two things:

  • My business will need to provide my family with more income.
  • I’m going to be very busy.

I needed to invest in opportunities that would grow my business without needing more of my time.

The website was a significant part of this. I shared last week in greater detail about that investment.

Investing in publicity was also an important investment. I needed to get out there guest posting and doing podcast interviews in order to be seen as an expert in my field. I knew that this wasn’t going to happen on its own so I hired Maggie Patterson to help connect me and advise me on online publicity.

Diversify my income.

The majority of the income in my business comes from one-on-one clients. While I enjoy this, I know that my capacity for client calls will be limited once a small being comes into this world with its own schedule.

Creating the Fun & Simple Launch ecourse was part of my exploration into the world of income diversification.

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What next?

I’ve only JUST entered the 2nd trimester and baby proofing my business is not finished yet.

I’m back to being able to work 6-8 hours a day and I have lots of work to do to feel more prepped for this baby. I’ll continue building on the strategy I have been working on.

Better systems.
More assistance.
Investing in growth.
Diversifying my income.

As I continue my journey, I’ll keep you updated on how I prepare in Part 2 and Part 3 of this blog series.